How You Know Him: The DFW-bred DJ, producer, and artist that is not only a staple of Dallas nightlife, but soon to be your next iTunes purchase with his debut album The Beat Box. All this audiophile needs you to do is press play.

What makes a great DJ?
Your transition is important; knowing how to play what song at what time and your creativity and a having good mouth piece all goes into being a great DJ.

Worst job you had before DJing?
An accountant.

How has your fan base changed over the years?
I started with the younger kids, you know 18 and up, and now they are more of the adult
bar scene crowd 21 and up. So my fan base is now more so the ones that can spend money.

Dream collaboration
I love Usher; I’ve listened to him and seen him grow as an artist so that would be a dream
collaboration. Also JD, Timbaland, or Dr. Dre – anyone of the people that have stayed in this industry and have grown.

What matters more now, the song or the beat behind it?
Honestly I think the beat, but even more so it’s the marketing and who’s pushing it that matters.

Who are some new artists that you are excited about?
I’m excited about people like J. Cole, I actually got a chance to hear his stuff before it came out. He can switch back and forth and that’s one of the things that I look for, the diversity of it. There’s a guy named Tempa from the U.K., I like his stuff. It’s more underground so it takes some time for it to get where it needs to be.

What should people expect from your new album The Beat Box?
It’s been a long time coming. It’s very diverse; it has pop, R&B, a lot of features, new things, old things, stuff that you haven’t heard for a long time.

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