How You Know Him:Masked guy, fights crime, and is beckoned with a customized searchlight. Blitz sat down with the master of the utility belt to discuss politics, weather, and the logistics of being the Caped Crusader. Who better to have for the MANual?

How are you today?
Grim, I need a throat lozenge and this suit is chaffing me something awful.

Oh. Well, happy belated birthday. You’re holding up pretty well for a 73-year-old.
Thanks, Cave-dwelling is good for the soul and I use the Shake Weight a lot.

Impressive. What’s your favorite color?
Pitch Black.

Do hot summers bother you? You know, in the body suit and all?
Not really, My suit secretes cooling eucalyptus.

Scenario: You are out patrolling the city for crime and nature calls, what do you do?
The Batsuit is waterproof and stain resistant. It’s like astronauts except I wet myself in Gotham City instead of space.

What do you do to get your mind off of work?
Play Xbox 360 and jam out with my band Batman and Batusi’s.

Biggest pet peeve
Having to erase 40 Frank Miller voicemails a day. The guy is really annoying.

Anything else you would like to add to our first ever Annual Manual?

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