Ashley Berges

How You Know Her: Celebrity Life Coach & Dallas writer, who is the author of Live Your True Life. The accomplished wordsmith is rewriting all the rules on how to become the best you. So take everything you thought you knew about people who are stylish, smart and funny and throw it out the window. And if you haven’t noticed, she’s pretty easy on the eyes too. Look no further, Ms. Berges has arrived.

What brought you to the decision to become a life coach?
Why not! When you have an innate understanding of the human condition, the reasons why people do what they do, how people interpret others’ actions and thoughts, and realize how to create success and happiness…it’s a slam-dunk.

Best part about your job
Seeing and being a part of the transformations in my clients’ lives and sharing in their successes (Helping people attain a happy, healthy, and successful life).

What was the book writing experience like for you?
Cathartic in nature and the ultimate defining moment where I knew there was no turning back.

What is one piece of advice that changed your life?
Early in life, you find out what you will not accept or deal with, leaving you time to experience what you want to deal with. A lovely lady by the name of Phyllis Penzo told me that outside of MGM Grand years ago.

Switching gears, what is your favorite thing about Dallas?
The people!

Guilty pleasure
Technology, LSU football, and the popcorn at the movie theater with the fake butter/oil. Yummy!

One thing that you want to accomplish before the year is out
Finish my second book: Pure Thought: A Methodology in Reason.

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