Agave Azul

Ever wondered where you could get a really good Mexican martini? I can think of a dozen places right off the bat, but you need to go through customs. For the uninformed, a Mexican martini is similar to a vodka martini, but you use tequila and lime. Think of a really strong margarita on the rocks, but hold the rocks. Now this kind of martini can be tricky. Use cheap tequila or just guess at how you make it, and it is not a pretty picture. Agave Azul Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Sanctuary know what they are doing when it comes to food and tequila.

There are two locations, one in downtown Carrolton and the other in Flower Mound. Both restaurants have a rustic flair similar to an old plantation. Deep hard woods and stucco are accented by colorful artwork and sculptures by artists across the border.

First, let me describe the food. I come from San Antonio and one of my complaints is that I cannot find real Mexican food in Dallas. Agave Azul prepares their dishes like they do in the best kitchens across the interior of Mexico. The Seafood Relleno en Chile Ancho is amazing. They take a poblano pepper and stuff it with tilapia and a plethora of other ingredients, then cover it in a smooth cream sauce. The dish is pure flavor with no scalding spice that can become too common with chile releno. The dish comes with chorizo asparagus. If you like asparagus, this is a must order. The two ingredients surprising complement each other with a spicy sweet mixture. My wife ordered the Camarones al Agave, jumbo shrimp sautéed in a spicy tequila sauce. This dish has some kick to it but the spicy does not over-power the flavor of the shrimp.

Either before or after your meal, you must try the Mexican martini. Agave Azul prides itself on their unique collection of tequilas. Some of the brands in their collection I have never heard of before, and I am a bit of a tequila snob. The main bartenders at both locations have a friendly rivalry about who makes the best. Your best bet is to put yourself in their care to make you their own version. You will get a different version every time, but you will not be disappointed. My wife, who does not even like tequila, had me order her one, and then she was introduced to a woman’s new favorite, the chocolate margarita. All I know is that they swirl rich chocolate in a martini glass with some unbelievably smooth tequila. It is one of those things you have to try to truly understand.

I would give Agave Azul a very “happy dude” rating. The food is authentic and reasonably priced. The bartenders are truly artists with their craft. And what is even better is that each time I have visited either location, it is like it is my first visit. Take a trip to the Agave Azul Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Sanctuary. You get all the culinary experience from a trip to Mexico and you don’t even need your passport.

What to eat: The Seafood Rellano en Chile Ancho and Camarones al Agave

Who eats there: Mexican foodies, Margarita purists, and those on a Tequila pilgrimage

Contact Info:
Agave Azul
Two Area Locations
(972) 242-4466
Flower Mound
(972) 874-1240