AFC Match Up: Texans vs. Ravens

If you’re old school and like pitching duels, strategic matchups, hard-nose smash-mouth football where defense is the name of the game, this will fit your ticket. This divisional matchup will showcase two of the top defenses left in the playoffs. The Ravens have already beaten the Texans once this year and will try for the double dip this weekend when they host the Houston Texans who are fresh off a driving win over the Bengals.

Houston is advancing off a 21 point win over Cincinnati, even with the offense running on life support at quarterback; they came together and tired the Cats out. The Houston defense was a huge support putting pressure on the Bengals passing game and clogging up the holes of the runs. Houston must put the ball in the hands of RB Arian Foster this week in hopes of trying to out do the defense of Baltimore. If they expect to play yet again this month they better step it up a notch against this rested Baltimore squad.

Baltimore had a bye last week and got a chance to rest up and get prepared in hopes of another deep playoff run. Baltimore played pretty solid all year, couple slips here and there but nothing like the Dow Jones swings the Texans manage to go through. QB Joe Flacco will be directing this just better than average offense as they try to schedule a date for the AFC Title Game. The Ravens don’t seem to ever score a load of points, but when you hold the second and fourth best defenses against the run and the pass; your offense just needs to produce enough to get the W.

I said last week the Texans will get tested in this playoff season, and here it is. With both these teams having proven defenses, this game will come down to who can make the plays, get execution and who DOES NOT turn the ball over. Baltimore has been here and done this, they will not only have the home field edge but you can give them the nod of experience as well.


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