AFC Match Up: Broncos vs. Patriots

I have to eat some crow after what I wrote last week on Denver, I never expect Tebow to get his game turned around as fast as he did and to out last Pittsburgh. I’m sure a few of the Steelers that are now on vacation would agree. This will definitely be a matchup this weekend when New England will try to outscore the Bronco’s yet again. The Pat’s routed Denver after Denver had run off six in a row as it made its name for Tebow and to make its way towards the playoffs. This game is just the opposite of the other AFC Divisional matchup, as this game will showcase New England’s second best in the league passing attack and Denver’s #1 rushing attack. Looking for defense, well go watch the other game.

The Denver mule kicked the Steelers right out of the first half, held on to get to overtime, and one play later, its back to face the Patriots. Denver must figure out a way to contain the passing attack that will be trying to put an end to this year’s biggest surprise. There is no surprise that neither of these two teams possess much of a defense, and if the Bronco’s plan on yet again getting past the Patriots they better hope to get the same offensive production they had last week in the first half for the entire game.

The Pat’s are rested, but that doesn’t mean the defense is going to magically start making stops. Tom Brady is as impressive as the come, and with the receiving core having fresh legs, you can bet they will be out to light the score board up. While averaging 30+ points a game the Pats need to only really worry about getting some defensive support to help make sure they are the victors.

Tebow, the Broncos, the entire city of Denver and anyone else who wants a shot at advancement or even just revenge for this year’s early loss, better start not only praying for Tebow to have an arm, but for some form of defense or these mules will be ridden right out of the playoffs.


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