A Look Into The World of Cosplay

By Michael Simpsonwww.almostnerdy.com

This week we talk with Yuffie Bunny and find out how she makes cosplay fun and what she’s done to start a business and help out her friends.  Enjoy!

What made you decide that you needed to make your first costume?
After attending my first convention and making friends with some other attendees in costume I just had to.  We were having so much fun and I wanted to have even more fun by being there with them in costume.  It was a way to celebrate friendship for me, something I continue to do.

How long have you been doing cosplay?
Since 2003.

What is the most expensive costume you have ever done?

Probably around $300, my Berserker Rikku.  It was mostly because the costume was a HUGE learning experience, my first time making armor, and I had decided to use fiberglass and I ruined the first attempt, lol!

Are you able to make a living with cosplay?  If not, what is your dream job?
Yes and no.  I am paid to model cosplay, I am paid to attend conventions as a guest or a booth worker and to do photo shoots, but obviously this is a very expensive life to maintain.  It has allowed me to create my own business though, Head Kandi, which is heading in the direction of my dream job.  I get to attend conventions and model and make cyber falls for my amazing customers and then see the joy on their faces when I make them their perfect set.  I would love to continue doing this for the rest of my life; we’ll see how it goes!

What is your all-time favorite costume?
Ahhhh, I have SO MANY!  I’m really in love with my Pyramid Head and Pyramid Head’s girlfriend cosplays I made.  I NEVER get to wear them at conventions though because the girlfriend version I designed is so revealing, it’s not appropriate to wear outside of photo shoots.

What changes have you seen in the cosplay community over the years you have been participating? 
I’ve seen it get a lot easier to do, which I love, because again I’m more about having fun with cosplay.  Technology has made cosplay a very social thing, people are posting how-to’s and helping one another out with fabric choices or pattern drafting.  Wigs are getting SO MUCH NICER.  I used to have to style wigs up into ponytails and pigtails myself and it was ALWAYS a nightmare!  Whoever finally came up with the clip on idea is a genius, I love you.

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