2 Minute Drill: Yvonne Nissen

Yvonne Nissen

How you know her: The Texas born and bred regional director of GLO Science, Inc. lives to make you smile (an appropriate occupation for someone with a smile as stunning as hers). We ran into Yvonne and she schooled us on the quickest and safest way to get those coffee, tea, smoke, and beer stains (yes beer stains your teeth too) out of your mouth and get back to a smile worth complimenting.


How did you get involved with GLO?

I like really innovative products and this is an innovation that is so unique that it actually won the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation 2012. It is something that could change the entire industry of teeth whitening.  And what drew me to the product initially was the fact that I could use it with no sensitivity and I have very sensitive teeth.


What are some of the benefits of having a great smile?

Dr. Oz says it’ll take 10 years off of our age if we have a great white smile and I totally get that. I think people would smile more and have greater confidence if they felt they had a whiter smile. Also, as people age their teeth begin to take on that kind of grayish tint and when that happens it shows your age. If you can take that away and whiten your teeth you can lift your age. GLO is the only thing in any store that can take 10 years off of you in five days.


Is the process easier than going to get your teeth whitened the traditional way?

Absolutely because it doesn’t have any sensitivity with it and it’s so unique and of course patented. It can actually whiten your teeth more effectively than going to the dentist and getting them zoomed, which often times makes peoples teeth sensitive and makes their gums sore. We can actually whiten the tooth all the way around 360 degrees, which is unique to GLO.


Where can you find GLO?

GLO is exclusively sold at Sephora and online at www.gloscience.com

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