2-Minute Drill with Robert Smith

Name: Robert Smith
Team: Republic Beverage
Stats: You text, email, and grovel at his feet to get into the biggest parties in Dallas. He keeps your glass full and a smile on your face emphatically setting the standard of beverage brand supremacy. Cheers.

Day Job 
On premise liquor sales rep, which includes bars, clubs, restaurants etc. Responsible for continued growth for established and new brands through sampling, negotiating feature prices, promotions and educating consumers.

Best part of your job?
Having the privilege of selling and sampling thousands of different brands that in many cases I’m the initial face representing these brands to my accounts. Exposing consumers to brands they have never thought to try, and or acquiring new consumers through happy-hour and/or night events.

What makes a great party?
Awesome open-minded people and a variety of quality cocktails that are consumer friendly.

What’s on your DVR right now? 
Anything NBA, NFL, NCAA sports! And Storage Wars or Law and Order.

Your favorite place in Dallas
Can’t go wrong choosing any place in Uptown or Downtown Dallas, but I love Stephan Pyles’ restaurant.

Three things you can’t live without 
Loyalty, integrity, and perseverance.

Coolest thing in your closet?
I have an arsenal of JoS. A. Bank attire.

Best advice you have ever given?
“Wherever you go there you are” meaning, if you want your circumstances to change it starts with you first, not the other way around.

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