2-Minute Drill with Michael Duke

Name: Michael Duke
How You Know Him: The DFW born and raised screenwriter has been thinking of ways to make you have nightmares for years. You know Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Stephen King and Joseph Stefano. Now get to know Michael Duke.

What made you get into screenwriting?
I’ve been interested in movies ever since I was a little kid. My mom use to take me to the Granada Theater and I just started watching old movies as a kid and it just fascinated me from then.

Ok, so why horror movies?
John Carpenter. He is the epitome of horror film writers.

Scariest movie of all-time
Halloween because everything that has happened to Michael Myers is actually plausible to live through; being shot, stabbed, etc., and he keeps coming at you and he doesn’t stop.

The worst horror movie of all-time
Hostel because it’s not scary it’s just gore. To me it just doesn’t tell a story.

What was the first screenplay you ever wrote?
Eternal Torment, it’s about seven college students investigating unsolved murders.

I know you’ve had to have seen the new trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Yes. It actually looks really really good.

Ok, so which president would have been an awesome werewolf hunter?
Theodore Roosevelt.

Which horror movie character’s ass could you completely kick?
Chucky because it’s a doll. Just keep kicking him until he turns into pieces.

Zombie Apocalypse: stock your weapons early or wait to see what happens?
Be prepared. Always be prepared.

Best zombie movie ever
Night of the Living Dead, George Romero all the way.

What’s your number one horror movie rule?
Don’t go upstairs there’s no way out.

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