2-Minute Drill with Kristy Jones

Name: Kristy Jones
How you know her:¬†Givenchy’s Goddess. The marvelous maven meticulously making makeup magnificent (dare you say that three times fast). File her name under people that don’t suck.

Describe your job at Givenchy
My job with Givenchy is basically if a makeup artist, a trainer, and a manager overseeing four states… had a baby. LOL I wear many different hats. I oversee my accounts at Sephora, travel like crazy from state to state training and teaching on products and how to use them, and am a featured artist in events nationwide. For example, next week I’ll be in Knoxville, Tennessee teaching a tiny class of five, and the day after I’ll be filming a video in New York. Just call me a traveling circus and follow my trail of glitter…

What’s the coolest part of your job?
I would have to say the travel and the opportunity to meet so many people from EVERY walk of life. Each city I go to has a culture of it’s own, a different fashion sense, a unique way of life I get to be a part of briefly.

One thing you totally kick ass in
I’d have to say executing a great makeup application. It’s my passion and I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I will make sure it flawless. From beauty to fashion to drag to just crazy… I make sure it’s perfect! OH and taking weird, old objects and turning them into decorations! I’ve made a fork and spoon chandelier, a vintage birdcage curtain, an old TV jewelry box… and so on. I guess with both of these “talents,” and a lot of things in life, I see what could be, not what’s present.

Three things you can’t live without
My sister Karla. (Go ahead… say: AWWW!!!!!)

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