2-Minute Drill with Kathryn Nordstrom

Name: Kathryn Nordstrom

How you know her: Kathryn has worked with VOGUE, Stanley Korshak, Neiman Marcus, and has recently been featured on Good Morning Texas.

Tell us about Pucker Up
Pucker Up Impressions® The Official Lip Print Reading is unique party entertainment. We have guests, men and women, apply lipstick and kiss a card. With this kiss we roast people, create fun games and amaze people with how much we can tell them about themselves merely by examining their kiss.

What types of things can the lips say about you?
My girls and I can tell so much, from how you like to kiss to the way you decorate and even what your ideal spouse would be like, [Laughing] which sadly isn’t always the person you are with. We can also pick out information about your aptitudes, pet-peeves, friendship styles, organizational skills and more. What we can’t tell you is when you will find the perfect mate we describe for you- but we can often tell what’s keeping you from finding them.

One pair of lips you really want to read
The most famous lips today – Angelina Jolie

Unexpected perk of your job
I get to tell people to “give it a kiss” for a living (referring to the card I have them kiss) – what could be better!

Strangest on the job moment
That would be the night a mother and daughter came to see me and the mother wanted me to tell her what her likes were “in the bedroom”. As I continued the X-rated reading the daughter cringed as the mom said “You’re right! I do love to  . . . ”

What can a guy do to improve his “lip luck?”
Lip Luck – I like that. Just use Chapstick for starters and realize that some 90% of women prefer a man who is mildly forceful with their kiss. Just enough to show by the kiss that they really are attracted to them. Don’t ask permission to kiss a woman – Man Up!

Find Kathryn on www.PuckerUpImpressions.net and on Twitter @LipstickKathryn

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