2-Minute Drill with Deacon Blade

Name: Deacon Blade
How You Know Him: The “Velvet Voice” and resident Microsoft MVP of Unscripted 360 is > than the average Joe. He hosts movie premieres, rules the airwaves, and rocks the web. You can search coast-to-coast and you won’t find a cooler gamer (trust us we’ve looked).

What’s the first video game that you ever played?
Oh wow, you’re taking it way back there, huh? Well let’s say Super Mario Bros.

Did you beat it?
Several times. I saved the Princess probably 500 times over.

How would you best describe Unscripted 360?
A community driven website for gamers and entertainment of all kind. It’s mainly Xbox 360 but we cater to all gamers. But its main focus is the social community.

What made you choose gaming as a career?b
Gaming is one of those things that I could do in my spare time, not my spare time, when I’m on the train, not on the train, just any old time I can find myself into some games.

Which one would you rather: Life in a Metroid suit or life in a Mario Bros. Tanooki suit?
You know what, even though Metroid was a girl she was so cool that I’m going to go with Metroid.

Which game has had the biggest influence on your career?
Halo without a doubt.

What’s the most unbeatable game ever made?
Ninja Gaiden 2. I still can’t beat that game. You have to be one of the most skilled gamers in the world to beat Ninja Gaiden 2. That’s what makes it good though.

What’s the least gamer thing about you?
When most people think about gamers they normally don’t think about someone who’s cool. I like to think of myself as someone is really cool and up to date when it comes to fashion and things like that.

Your 11th Commandment…
Thou shalt be velvet.

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