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How You Know Him: The high profile publicist and author behind Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman who isn’t afraid of a little danger or being trapped on an elevator with Abraham Lincoln. This is the unabridged conversation with one exceptionally cool guy…and we’re pretty sure he has an extra Batsuit in his closet too.

What was it like being a publicist for Christian Bale?
In the beginning, it was a dream come true. Christian was marketed as the biggest star
on the Internet throughout the 1990s, and the entertainment press was impressed by the
novelty and the democracy of it all. Christian loved the way we used the Internet to reach
people then – we were the first to have an official web site, an electronic press kit, and an online fan base. We were using the Internet in ways that no one had done before. I still remember one of Christian’s old agents telling us that the Internet was a fad!

What was the most rewarding part about writing Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman?
It took years to write, and my attitude toward celebrity has changed. I hope readers will be interested about Christian’s career trajectory. I think people forget that he was a former child actor. And I think any aspiring actors out there will get a kick out of knowing that fame takes its toll and where Christian’s temper comes from. But the most
rewarding part is just to get the true story out there because Christian’s fans might not have realized what a direct role they had in forging his career. Now I can move on to my
next book!

Coolest Batman gadget ever…
Batmobile, man. Hands down. I’m a bit of a car guy and I’ve loved how the Batmobile
has changed from movie to movie, but even when I was a kid, I had a Hot Wheels Batmobile – the 1960s one that was based on the Lincoln Futura.

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