Kyler Kuehler

It is still early in the year and the UFC has already brought one amazing pay-per-view to the fans and looks to continue the streak for the rest of the year and then some. When UFC 196 was announced and put together it looks like it will not only be another great card, but an event that will set an early buy record for 2016.

Why this could be possible is for many facts and beginning with the first there are plenty of great matchups for this card with a light heavyweight fight between Corey Anderson and Tom Lawlor which looks to be a fight that fans will get to see a finish. Then there is a lightweight fight between fan favorite Diego Sanchez and Jim Miller that could very well be another bloodbath waiting to happen, which fans always love to see go down inside the octagon.

Then there is a women’s bantamweight fight between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko and who does not love to watch a women’s matchup. They always bring a great show to the fans and why miss the opportunity to watch another epic showdown that would make the card that much better.

And of course, there are two title fights on this card that contain big names of the company that no one would want to miss fight ever. Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship and Rafael dos Anjos vs. Conor McGregor for the Lightweight Championship. With both of these title fights on the same card will give the event more of a chance at setting a record for the year that other events will try to break, making the UFC strive to have another successful year.

For the Holm vs. Tate fight will surely be a fight that will have fans on their feet as they have been longing to see Holm step back inside the octagon to defend her belt for the first time and prove to the world why she is the best female fighter to ever compete in the sport of mixed-martial arts. What better way for her to do so than to have her face Ronda Rousey’s former rival, Miesha Tate who is the first fighter to ever take Rousey past the first round and with her highly skilled wrestling she would make a great matchup for Holm as she could really put her in a world of trouble if she managed to bring the fight to the ground where Holm has avoided throughout her MMA career.

Then there is the dos Anjos vs. McGregor fight, which is most likely the main reason fans are hyped for this card as it will be the second time two current champions in different weight classes will face each other for one title as one looks to defend and the other will fight to make history and become the first fighter to hold two belts in different weight classes at the exact same time. It would even make sense to have McGregor face another Brazilian after defeating Jose Aldo, who was one of the best pound-for-pound fighters and Brazilians do not like to see their own country fighters lose in a brutal way and dos Anjos would most likely want to avenge Aldo’s loss by handing McGregor his first loss in the UFC thus making a huge statement not only to the Irishman, but the entire world that he is the best fighter in the company and is here to stay.

This card really does appear to be a record setting buy for 2016 and just might be able to remain on top for the entire year, unless UFC 200 turns out to be the biggest event the UFC will ever hold, which is just what they are shooting for 196 looks to take home the highest buys of 2016.