Will Jon Jones Return for UFC 230?

UFC fans are waiting to see if Jon Jones can return for UFC 230. Photo Courtesy: legendashow

By Kyler Kuehler

Former Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has officially been tested for the first time this year. That’s good, but we still need to see the results. Based on recent sources it seems like it will come back clean. This could be just the evidence he needs to get back into action later this year.

Jones landed in this mess from a failed test at UFC 214 against current champion Daniel Cormier. Jones regained the title after a suspension from his first drug test before UFC 200. He was stripped after his second failed test. Cormier was then reinstated as the champion.

A rough road for the former champion it’s been. However, if this test comes negative and he can get a clearing from USADA he might return this year.

If so, Jones could return at the “Grand Daddy of them All.” This will be when the UFC returns to Madison Square Garden for UFC 230.

A perfect return as MSG always strives for big names to come to town. McGregor and St-Pierre headlined; now it can be Jones’ time to shine in the Big Apple.

To make it bigger would be to face arch nemesis Daniel Cormier in a third bout. Cormier, a two-division champion would be interesting to see which title is on the line. It most likely will be the light heavyweight; still a chance for the heavyweight.

Fans would enjoy to watch this fight. It’s happened twice the third time is always the charm.

It might be Cormier’s chance to finally get a win over the former pound-for-pound king. For believing Jones cheated his way to beat him he would love to expose him.

Jones looks to prove why he is the GOAT of the UFC and mixed martial arts at the same time.

Makes more sense why this fight would be a perfect return for Jones at 230. He brings in fans from around the world, so he has no problem in making the UFC money.

First, we have to wait to hear the results of his recent drug test. Once that is said we can either jump up and down or end the day in sorrow.

For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.