Will Johny Hendricks Finally Get A Finish at UFC 196?

Johny Hendricks is now on a mission to finish fights and to regain his title. Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs
Johny Hendricks is now on a mission to finish fights and to regain his title.
Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs

By Kyler Kuehler 

The former Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks has been longing to get another crack at the belt after losing it to Robbie Lawler via split decision at UFC 181 in Dec. 2014. Hendricks had previously defeated Lawler via unanimous decision a few months earlier at UFC 171 in March 2014. Hendricks is now focused on trying to earn a title shot to try and regain UFC gold he believes that he must not only win, but actually finish the fight instead of letting it fall into the hands of the judges.

Whenever Hendricks wins a fight by decision he always feels that he did not accomplish anything and that he did not put on a good enough of a performance as he planned since he believes that he must finish his opponents in order to continue to grow into a better fighter and show why he is at the top of the game.

With it being more than three years since Hendricks finished anyone, he has been dying to get back on the streak of finishing fights leaving fans to wonder if he will finally get his wish at UFC 196 when he takes on fast rising welterweight Stephen Thompson.

It just might happen but fans cannot forget that Thompson has an impressive MMA record of 11-1 making him appear to be a bit of a challenge to Hendricks along with his deadly striking giving Hendricks much more to work with in this fight. It seems that Hendricks will be in a little trouble heading into this fight as he faces an opponent with just as much power in his striking as himself.

However, one cannot forget that Hendricks fought two hard battles against Robbie Lawler who also possesses impressive striking power along with Carlos Condit who also has knockout power that Hendricks stood strong against. In the sport of MMA, fighters not only want to have great skill sets, but a strong chin as well making it that much harder for their opponents to finish them off.

For now it is uncertain if Hendricks will get his finish victory or walk away from this fight as the victor, but one can say that not only is his striking filled with knockout power, but his wrestling is much better than most other fighters in the welterweight division. Hendricks appears to be the favorite in the upcoming bout with the possibility of finally receiving the finish he has long awaited for.

Until the card airs, fans can only wait to see what goes down when Hendricks finally steps back into the octagon to prove to everyone why he is the best welterweight fighter in the UFC.