Will Diaz vs McGregor II Break Pay Per-View Buys?

UFC 100 set the record for buyrates. Will UFC 200 break it?
UFC 100 set the record for buyrates. Will UFC 200 break it?

By Kyler Kuehler

Diaz vs. McGregor II was recently announced as the headliner for UFC 200 scheduled for July 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since the announcement fans have been on their feet, commenting about it all over social media as it could just be the biggest rematch and fight ever.

When these two faced each other the first time it was a pretty big hit with buyrates as it sold 1.5 million, making it the second highest buy in UFC history (behind UFC 100 with 1.6 million). This now brings up the thought if the rematch will indeed be the fight to break the current record held by UFC 100, which was headlined by Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

With all the trash talking and the extreme hatred that these two superstars hold against each other it looks to be able to do just that as fans know they will go at it once again inside the octagon like they did the first time. This time they will be competing at lightweight instead of welterweight, which is a much more of a shark division where almost anything can happen.

There is also the possibility of this hatred they have towards each other could lead to a possible third fight in the future, since this will be a lightweight fight and closer to McGregor’s own weight could just give him the edge he needs to defeat Diaz and avenge his most devastating loss of his career. But we cannot forget how well-rounded Diaz with his jiu-jitsu, which was the key to his victory in their first meeting and if McGregor does not show some major improvements with his own jiu-jitsu and ground game altogether then the rematch looks to be no different from their first fight.

Either way, fans just want to see these two face each other once again with the hopes of seeing an even better fight than they witnessed at UFC 196 in March to see who gets the last laugh when the rematch is over.

All I have left to say is “THE FIGHT IS ON!”