The rematch is set for UFC 200 and fans are waiting for another exciting bout between Cormier and Jones.
The rematch is set for UFC 200 as fans wait for another exciting bout between Cormier and Jones to battle in the Octagon.

By Kyler Kuehler

The rematch between current Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier and former champion Jon Jones is without a doubt one of the most anticipated rematches in the history of mixed-martial arts and one of the biggest fights of 2016. With their first meeting at UFC 182 in 2015 they started the year off with a bang as they not only brought a five round war that became labeled as one of the best fights of the year, but managed to sell close to 800,000 buys making it one of the highest buys since UFC 168 in 2013.

Now that the rematch has been scheduled for UFC 200, which is set to be possibly the biggest event in UFC history, fans have been shaking in their pants as they cannot wait to see the rematch between two fighters that have no respect for one another go at it again with the possibility of this fight turning into a bloodbath war. With this fight predicted to be a big one and fights that were big the first time around can usually be big the second time, leaves us to wonder if this fight not only will beat its previous record of 800,000, but manage to top the two million buys, which the UFC is hoping to do and defeat the current record held by UFC 100: Lesnar vs. Mir.

For how anticipated this rematch is to the UFC and fans makes some believe that it will indeed hit the two million mark, but what will be the deciding factor is not only advertising this fight but also promoting both fighters to show that they want fans to watch this fight as well as people who do not follow MMA, but still love to watch a great showdown between two top dogs in one of the most popular weight classes the sport has to offer.

Additionally is the fact that Jon Jones has plenty of fans as well as haters that are just dying to see him officially lose inside the octagon and Daniel Cormier is still considered to be the man that will do just that with his background of Olympic wrestling and beast like performances in all his fights.

Though Cormier also has plenty of fans and haters as well who would love to see him be defeated once more proving to everyone that he cannot stand with Jon Jones in any way possible.

With both having possibly the same number of fans as well as haters, it looks like this rematch will be much bigger than their first meeting and just might earn another ‘Fight of the Night’ honors as well as a runner up for ‘Fight of the Year’.