Stephen Thompson might play around outside of the octagon, but inside it; he's strictly business. Photo Courtesy:  Kris Krüg
Stephen Thompson (on left) might play around outside of the octagon, but inside it; he’s strictly business and on a mission. Photo Courtesy: Kris Krüg

By Kyler Kuehler

Fast rising welterweight star Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is on a mission to receiving a title and after his epic TKO victory over former Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks he is already being considered to be a future title contender. Though before he gets his shot at UFC gold he will have to prove himself once again and what better way than to face top contender Rory MacDonald, who has given two phenomenal performances against the current champion Robbie Lawler.

Facing a fighter like MacDonald would most surely give Thompson another chance to test and show his striking power and prove to the entire division just how dangerous he is and why he deserves to have a shot at the belt.

What also makes this a great match for Thompson is the fact that MacDonald has only been defeated by two fighters (Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit) in his career, which for sure makes him a great challenge for Thompson to put his skills at the finest test of his career.

MacDonald’s striking is even a great matchup for Thompson as he holds just as many victories by knockout as Thompson does, which would be interesting to see who has the more aggressive style of striking in this fight as well as the chin to withstand them.

Then there is the ground game that MacDonald posses that would be another true test for Thompson to overcome as he does not really like to fight on the ground and to see him go to the ground against a guy like MacDonald would be interesting to see how well his ground game will hold up to that of MacDonald, who is very effective on the ground and holds six wins via submission.

But what stands out the most is the possibility that if Thompson defeats MacDonald the way he did Hendricks in a quick and clean fashion TKO, this would not only make him a much larger star, but possibly make him a slight or huge favorite against current champion Robbie Lawler; who is currently on a roll after turning his career around from having a terrible run in the late promotion Strikeforce.

Though in the sport of MMA anything is possible and this fight could go down as a war or a one-sided fight and we will only know when the fight takes places.