Whyte Noyze’s sophomore EP “Whyte Rhodes” Makes Noise

Check out Whyte Noyze on Sunday, March 6 at Trees for their EP release gig. Photo Courtesy: Falcon Media Company
Check out Whyte Noyze on Sunday, March 6 at Trees for their EP release gig.
Photo Courtesy: Falcon Media Company

By Kali Ah Yuen

Dallas-based rap duo Whyte Noyze announced the release of their sophomore EP Whyte Rhodes in the form of a single release show at Trees in Dallas.

Part of the #facelessarmy, an identity-less group of like-minded artists and forward thinkers, Whyte Noyze aims to shift through the nonsense by expressing thought and ideas that many feel are taboo. Insisting that the world is at a crossroads, they use their music and art as a platform of unabashed rawness and truth. The result is lyrical debauchery at its finest.

Inspired by acts like Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, Eminem, Rage Against the Machine, and Dr. Dre, the EP provides listeners with a fresh take on old school hip-hop.

“We feel as if we are at a precipice in human evolution,” Noyze said. “What happens in the next six to eight months or one to two years, will shape the lives of our generation. We need everyone to wake the fuck up. With Whyte Rhodes we’re delivering similar messages as in our debut EP, but increasing fire power.”

Written entirely by the duo behind Whyte Noyze, the EP was mixed and mastered by producer J. Rhodes as well. The EP features Grammy Award-winning rapper Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs in Harmony, Dallas Observer Music Award-winning artist Bobby Sessions, local rappers KoolQuise and iQmuzic and local female LGBT emcee/rapper Alsace Carcione.

“After hooking up with J. Rhodes we knew we needed to enlist an international rap icon,” Noyze said. “Layzie Bone was gracious enough to lace us with a track after hearing the high-quality production value of the song.”

Following a successful debut release with Assassination City last September, the anonymous group has been building buzz and garnering media attention with their often controversial and politically-charged lyrics. After their introduction to the world, the duo looks forward to taking their message and delivery a step further and introducing it to a completely new sound.

The release show will feature Mickey Avalon headlining the evening with performances by MTV VJ-turned-rapper and comedian Dirt Nasty, Boomcox, J-Roll, and the duo themselves.

Tickets for the show are $21 and can be purchased in advance by contacting thewhytenoyze@gmail.com. The event will take place at 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 6 at Trees located at 2709 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75226.

The Whyte Rhodes EP will be available for purchase on Friday, March 4 on iTunes and the duo’s official website www.whytenoyze.com.

The Interview

BW: What events or experiences inspired this powerful EP?
I think a number of things…1. J. Rhodes listening in on our rehearsals sparked the initial interest and after we had a meeting with him personally when we were listening to tracks, both parties were in it to make new, interesting music that will represent DFW and its growing underground hip-hop scene. 2. Each song tackles different issues like the state of our failing government, human equality, our American Dream, dying middle class, consciousness/waking up among other things.

If there is one thing that fans/listeners take away from this EP, what would you want it to be?
Don’t be a sheep, make a difference somehow!

How was it working with award-winning artists like Layzie Bone and Bobby Sessions?
Don’t forget Dallas’ own J. Rhodes! That man is amazing also. We like to work with great people period! Whether it’s artists/producers/venues, etc. If you will contribute positively to a project/track/show we are always open if the timing’s right. As far as working with a multi-platinum artist like Layzie Bone, that was very exciting! Especially since he is one of our major influences in hip-hop. It lets you know that you have quality product. With Bobby Sessions, along with many talented DFW artists, I felt that he had a great stage presence, powerful delivery and overall unwavering love for what he is doing and I wanted to get a piece of his tenacity on a track!

Describe the meaning behind the #facelessarmy.
The faceless army is our fans and people who may not be fans yet that are masking up to challenge the norm. People who want better and perhaps are not afraid to shake up the current status quo. Some fans are showing up to shows in masks now! It’s an awesome spectacle.

What do you think are the most powerful themes from this EP?
I think the most powerful theme of this EP is to stand up for what you believe in and/or stand up for what you want to accomplish. Another theme that rings true is don’t fall to the will of those that want to keep you idle and non-responsive.

What are your plans for the future of your music?
The future is unwritten, but I’ll tell you this…whatever WHYTE NOYZE is a part of, it’ll be loved OR hated, but never understated!