By Kyler Kuehler

Former bantamweight contender, now strawweight Jessica Andrade put on an impressive performance in her new weight class at UFC 199 against Jessica Penne and won via TKO at 2:56 in round two. With such an impressive performance over a competitor like Penne, who was 12-3 walking into the fight, it looks as if now Jessica Andrade has made a statement to the rest of the strawweight division. Andrade will certainly look to make her way up the leader board and into a title fight.

Why the entire strawweight division should lookout for Jessica Andrade is not just from her performance at UFC 199, but for all of her techniques that she brings to the division. Andrade could become a major threat to the rest of the competitors in her division. She possesses great technique in jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and kickboxing that have all proven to be of great use in her fights. She uses them to place pressure upon her opponents and thus force them to play her game, making her that much more of a dangerous athlete. Along with the pressure she brings an aggressive style of fighting throughout her fights that allows her to take full control, making her that much more of a threat.

Even the fact that she has finished 11 of her 14 victories by knockout and submission proves to everyone that she is very competitive on her feet or on the ground, which could very well be her main keys to rise to the top of the division. Not to mention that she competed in the bantamweight division for her entire career before, which gave her much more experience in being able to take intense punishment. Also learning what it took to compete in the upper division she will now be able to use that experience to try and take control of the other competitors in the strawweight division and prove to everyone why she is a force to be reckoned with in women’s MMA.

For now she will just continue to accept the challenges the UFC sends her to prove that she has what it takes to compete in and possibly dominate the strawweight division.