Why Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate Makes Sense

Holly Holm defeated former champion Ronda Rousey with a clean kick to the jaw. Photo Courtesy: YouTube
Holly Holm defeated former champion Ronda Rousey with a clean kick to the jaw.
Photo Courtesy: YouTube

By Kyler Kuehler

It was recently announced that Holly Holm will get her wish to defend her title before a rematch against Ronda Rousey and she will defend her title at UFC 196 against the number two contender Miesha Tate.

With that said, fans now can look forward to what appears to be a great matchup and here is why this matchup makes sense: Fans will get to see more of these incredible female athletes and what they are capable of when they step foot inside the octagon to show that women can do anything men can do, only better.

With Holm, she has great skill sets of boxing and kickboxing that has been shown to be extremely deadly and after her epic knockout victory over Ronda Rousey, what better opponent for her to show more of her power than one of the toughest women to ever compete in MMA and former arch rival of Rousey, Miesha Tate.

Tate has always been a tough athlete that has a chin made of steel and it would be interesting for everyone to see just how well she will be able to handle Holm’s punches and kicks that have become extremely powerful from her former kickboxing and boxing career. Who knows, she might surprise us and prove to everyone that her chin is stronger than Rousey’s making her that much more of a great opponent for Holm to test more of her MMA techniques thus proving to everyone she is the true dominate athlete of the women’s division.

It would also be a great fight to see just how well Holm will measure up to a well-rounded wrestler like Tate as she has avoided all takedowns thrown against her and to see Holm try and avoid the ground even more would be a moment in the making especially against a wrestler since they are considered to be some of the best ground fighters in the sport.

Another thing to point out is that both of these females are the only two to make it past the first round against the former champion. Tate made it to round three before being submitting and Holm getting into round two where she finished Rousey with a clean kick to the jaw. With both being able to take Rousey past the first round and give her tough fights it would make sense to see how they would matchup against each other. They both are used to going entire fights and know what it takes to come out on top and to see them both go at it in what may be a five round war and a possible ‘Fight of the Night’ candidate will make fans that more hyped about how this fight will play out.

After all, in MMA anything can happen and that is why fans will always tune into matchups like this to see if it comes out as predicted or a total shock to their eyes. The fight is on.