Why Are the Cowboys Popular in the UK?

Pixabay – CC0 Licence

The Dallas Cowboys are America’s team. Thanks to a huge fan base and a history that dates back as far as the National Football League itself, it’s not a fact that’s contested. However, it seems the men in blue and white can claim another country, too – the United Kingdom.

In the UK, the Cowboys are quickly rising to the top spot regarding the most favorite NFL teams. A recent YouGov poll ranks Dallas in top three most famous in Britain, behind only the Dolphins and Giants.

But what makes them so popular across the pond?

NFL International Series

Jacksonville Jaguars consider Wembley stadium to be their second home, having played in the UK numerous times. However, the Dallas Cowboys also have a fanbase here as a result of the international series that take part every year. In 2014, in their only game in Britain, the Cowboys won a thrilling match against the Jaguars, taking it 31-17. The great offensive play was watched by 83,603, one of the largest attendances at an International Series game. With a one-hundred-percent winning record, it’s clear the performance sticks in the minds of the British fans six years later.

British players

The Cowboys also have a “special relationship” with the UK since the franchise has taken on quite a few British-born players in the past. The most notable was the defensive end Jack Crawford, who played for the Texas outfit for two years before moving on. Crawford may be a relative unknown to American fans, yet he was one of the biggest names to the people of the UK as there were, and still are, very few Brits to make it to the NFL. The fact that he played in Dallas only adhered more fans and boosted their UK base.

The betting market

It’s well-known that the UK likes to place a wager on sports, and the NFL is now the ninth biggest market in the union. Impressive. Even more impressive is the impact that the Cowboys are having on the industry. The UK PayPal casino model is growing as it makes depositing funds safe and convenient, and the likes of Dallas make for an exciting bet due to their unpredictable nature. When you throw the enjoyment factor into the mix for the thousands of players biting their nails across the pond, it’s evident that this only increases Dallas’ popularity.

Tottenham links

Tottenham Hotspur and the Dallas Cowboys have a few striking similarities. But there is an active relationship between the two, which helps to promote both brands in the respective countries. For example, Jason Sudeikis filmed numerous skits as a former Cowboys coach who tried to make it as a football manager at Tottenham. Not only that, but Spurs even have Cowboy merchandise in the club shop that they sell, adding to the allure of the Texas franchise. 

It’s hard to tell whether Dallas is the UK’s most popular NFL franchise. However, one thing isn’t in doubt – they are very popular over the pond. The international series’ game that featured them has played its part, as has the links with London-based football giant Tottenham Hotspur.

But the leading factor seems to be their prestige combined with a history of signing British players. For the biggest brand in America to invest in the UK game is a huge draw.