What Will Neil Magny versus Santiago Ponzinibbio Bring?

Photo Courtesy: D.P. Heard

By Kyler Kuehler

Number eight-ranked welterweight Neil Magny will square off against number ten-ranked Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC Fight Night 140. They are headlining the event in what appears to be a five-round war.

Will it really be a war or a one-sided beating or nothing more than a quick finish?

Let’s look further into this bout to get a better understanding. Magny holds a record of 21-6; Ponzinibbio holds 26-3. Pretty close in numbers, but there is more to MMA than numbers.

Examining their striking we notice Magny has no set style and just uses his hands and legs, however. Ponzinibbio uses a style of boxing and kickboxing giving him power in hands and legs.

So the striking power seems to fall in favor of Ponzinibbio and it should with his 14 knockout victories. Magny holds only seven, so now Magny appears to be in trouble when standing with Ponzinibbio.

However, striking isn’t the only key to winning this fight; there is still grappling. Examining the grappling aspect Magny begins to even the odds from his jiu-jitsu and wrestling combinations. Ponzinibbio has jiu-jitsu he uses with six submission victories─three more than Magny.

However, Magny shows a better cardio base from his eleven wins via decision against Ponzinibbio’s six.

Now, this fight appears to be more interesting and could very well be a true test for both men.

They both are highly skilled and prove it every time they compete. Now they look to prove it greater by exposing all their techniques like never before.

Both men know how difficult the other will be and that will only hype their skill-set. To see how Ponzinibbio can match up to Magny’s jiu-jitsu and wrestling will be a challenge for both. How Magny will edge up to Ponzinibbio’s boxing and kickboxing will truly test his ability to take heavy hits.

Even the fact that this is a five-round fight gives it more reason to happen and one not to miss. It will indeed be their chance to get a crack at the top five competition by putting on the best performance ever. Believe it when I say they will.

From blood, sweat, and tears expect to see fireworks when the cage door is closed and the bell sounds.