What Will Carla Esparza versus Tatiana Suarez Bring?


By Kyler Kuehler

Sixth ranked strawweight Carla Esparza and ninth ranked Tatiana Suarez will face off at UFC 228. Both have great records with Esparza compiling 13-5 and Tatiana managing 6-0.

Not bad, but what will happen when they both face each other for the first time?

Esparza is efficient with her wrestling and holds efficient boxing. Both helped her become the first strawweight champion of the UFC.

Tatiana has jiu-jitsu and wrestling to use; both highly effective. They have helped her rise to the top in a short time and remain undefeated.

So they both have grappling─great. The striking appears in favor of Esparza from her boxing technique. Looks like trouble for Suarez.

Wait one minute─Suarez has well-rounded striking of her own; it’s just as good as Esparza’s. With that in mind, their standup game will be matched; we will see who can score more efficient points.

Esparza seems to rely mostly on quick takedowns that don’t always work. Suarez sets them up more, but she still will have a challenge against Esparza’s wrestling.

Suarez’s wrestling is good as well, but might not be at the level Esparza possesses. With the wrestling, they both have they will surely be effective in the grappling aspect of the fight. It will be interesting to see how Esparza handles Suarez’s mix of wrestling and jiu-jitsu at once. This could be her moment to prove she still has what it takes to become champion again.

Suarez can also prove to be the next star of the strawweights by revealing the aggressiveness of her grappling. There is no question she will while Esparza does the same.

The pacing they have also is high level to where they both can outlast about anyone.

The fight appears to be more interesting as more is revealed. In fact, this fight could be more of a war than a fight. Who doesn’t love a great war when the fighters go at it?

From the striking to the grappling and the cardio this fight can go either way, so you cannot miss it.

After all, they say anything a man can do a woman can do better.