What Does it Take to be a Champion Figure Skater?

Figure skating one of the most graceful sports; it requires a significant amount of physical ability and mental strength. It will take a lot of practice, determination, and discipline to reach the competition standard.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Have you ever set foot on an ice rink before? Maybe you were a member of your freshman ice hockey team? Perhaps you have only been to an ice rink once in your life, and you have just always wanted to be a figure skater but never had the opportunity or confidence. Many of the greatest figure skaters started their skating lessons as soon as they could comprehend instructions. However, do not be discouraged by this because some Olympians did begin their journey much later on and have still made achievements at a competitive level. No one can be sure how figure skating in 2020 will look going forward, so there are still plenty of records ready for you to smash.

Train, Train, Train

Alongside the training, you will want to get your body into top shape using a strict workout program involving lots of cardio and strengthening exercises. You will need to make sure your core is at its absolute best to perfect your balance. You don’t need to splash out on pricey gym memberships to stay in shape; many excellent workouts can be done from home. You will want to pay special attention to stretching because a critical secret to a good figure skater is their flexibility. Stretching exercises can be done at any time, whether you are waiting for a bus or even while watching TV.

Be a Competitor

Work out what it is you want to achieve. At what level do you want to compete? Are there any limiting factors you need to consider? Financial commitments can undoubtedly be a barrier; you may need to travel all over the country to gain experience at the level you want. Once you have ironed out the finer details that could be holding you back, you can then look to honing your skill. You will need to keep practicing because practice makes perfect, but do not over train and burn yourself out. Make sure you take a day off at least once per week. Even if you cannot make it to an ice rink for your training sessions, you can set up a training area in your home.

To become a leading competitor, try and enter as many local competitions as possible; the experience will become invaluable for you and your champion career. There is no such thing as a lousy competition. If you do not make it on your first try, you can always try again. Any experience is a good experience. Through your competitions, you will learn what judges are looking for and learn from any mistakes you may have made.

If you genuinely have a passion for figure skating, you are never too old or too unskilled. Determination and success do not come from your age; they come from the love of the sport deep within.