What Does 5G Wireless Signify for the Online Gaming Industry?

Photo Courtesy: Soumil Kumar

5G wireless is a concept which has actually existed for years. Industry experts knew that it would only be a matter of time before this wireless method of communication was able to make an impact upon the digital community. Although many of us are still amazed at the speeds associated with fourth-generation (4G) services, this is nothing compared to what we can soon expect.

As the name already suggests, 5G is literally a massive step up from 4G wireless. This primarily involves upload and download speeds. Some professionals even claim that 5G is expected to be up to ten times faster than its current counterpart. In other words, rates of up to 10 gigabytes per second or higher are perfectly reasonable. This is also one of the reasons why major manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have already begun to release 5G-compatible devices into the marketplace.

We can already see that 5G communications are set to redefine the digital community and nearly every industry will be affected. What about the online gaming sector? What benefits can companies leverage and how will these translate to the end-user experience? Let us quickly examine these interesting questions.

5G in Terms of Game Development
The main reason why 5G wireless is so fast involves the amount of data that can be sent and received at any given time. Therefore, the games themselves can become much more detailed and interactive. Bingo, live poker, hidden object platforms, and scratch games will all be taken to the next level in terms of complexity and enjoyment.

This also signifies that developers will have to embrace an entirely new set of parameters in order to satisfy the demands of an increasingly fickle client base. Generic games might no longer make the cut. Platforms that fail to load properly or freeze in the middle of a session will no longer be able blame such glitches upon wireless connections. To put it simply, companies will have to make certain that they are offering nothing less than top-notch experiences to their users.

Smarter, Faster and More Reliable
In terms of the average customer, the changes should be just as profound. We will begin to witness the introduction of virtual reality thanks to the increased data transmission rates. Seemingly rare options such as interacting with a live poker dealer while out and about are likely to become commonplace. While this is great news in terms of variety and excitement, we still need to point out that consumers who wish to enjoy all of these benefits may indeed be required to upgrade their current mobile device.

However, 5G will not suddenly appear overnight. It is rather likely that years will be required before it is considered to represent a standard service (much like 4G is at the present). This will give both developers and enthusiasts alike some time to adapt. From common scratch games to intense first-person shooting platforms, there is no doubt that the end-user experience is set to be completely transformed.