UFC Fight Night 84 will be the first fight for Anderson Silva since January 2015.
UFC Fight Night 84 will be the first fight for Anderson Silva since January 2015.

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Silva vs. Bisping will air on Febuary 27, 2016 in London, England.

This is a five round main event in the middleweight division. In this fight are two fighters eyeing to get back in the running for a title shot and what better way to get back in line than to add an impressive victory to their record showing that they still have the strength inside them to be the best. Silva brings taekwondo, judo, Muay Thai, boxing and jiu-jitsu that has made him the greatest fighter to ever compete in the UFC and the sport of MMA as well as holding the current record for most title defenses (10) as the former Middleweight Champion. Bisping brings boxing, kickboxing, karate and jiu-jitsu that has made him a powerful striker giving him an impressive record and being known for bringing England into the UFC. With the skill set both fighters possess, the fight looks like it will be a nice mix of both standing and ground technique. If the bout manages to stay on their feet, then it looks to favor Silva highly with his boxing background that has made him a deadly striker with knockout power Bisping is not use to. Though if Bisping could somehow bring the fight to the ground and actually stay on top then he could put Silva in a world of trouble where he could wear him down to the point that he could then put him away and add a major win to his record. However, that will be extremely difficult to perform on a freak of nature like Silva as he is still a dominating force and will not give any advantage to Bisping whatsoever in this fight. My prediction: Silva wins via knockout in Round 1.

This is a three round fight in the middleweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are looking to put on a great performance and add another win to their record with the hopes of moving further up the leader board in an effort to possibly earn a title shot in the near future. Mousasi brings boxing, kickboxing and judo that has made him very efficient in both knockout and submissions making him one of the toughest middleweights to compete in MMA. Leites brings jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai that has brought him impressive victories as well as becoming highly skilled in submission techniques. With both fighters being well trained in striking and grappling the fight looks to be fairly even. If the match turns into a full on grappling fight, then Mousasi looks to take this in the bag as he possesses a much higher level of skills in submissions that Leites has never faced before. I am not sure if Leites will be able to stand up to that kind of submission game. Though Leites has a few submission techniques of his own, which he could use to try and even up the score and possibly even challenge Mousasi and show that he has just as much submissions as Mousasi. Though Leites will also have to be defensive of Mousasi’s striking because Mousasi possesses deadly striking that has become one of his primary weapons in fights and helped him win 19 fights by knockout. My prediction: Mousasi wins via submission in Round 2.

This is a three round fight in the featherweight division. In this fight are two fighters who do not have much experience in the UFC. Both plan to make a statement and add a big win to their record with the possibility of jumpstarting their career to new heights. Wilkinson brings boxing and wrestling that have already shown to be very effective in his fights as he can finish his opponents by knockout or submission. Amirkhani brings Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that has made him a pro in submissions and an impressive record early in his career. With both fighters having very little experience in the UFC it is hard to say how this fight will turn out. If the fight remains on their feet then I believe that Wilkinson has the advantage with his aggressive striking that never fails to put his opponents in a world of hurt. I am not sure if Amirkhani can withstand that kind of aggressiveness. Though Amirkhani does have great submission techniques that appear to be better than Wilkinson’s and so if the fight turned to the ground it looks as if Amirkhani will have this fight in the bag. However, Amirkhani will have to get by Wilkinson’s aggression because he will not be taking this fight easy and plans to put the pressure on him making him work for a victory. My prediction: Wilkinson wins via knockout in Round 3.