Rodriguez vs. Caceres goes down on Saturday. So who you got!?!
Rodriguez vs. Caceres goes down on Saturday. So who you got!?!

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Caceres will air on August 6, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is a five round main event in the featherweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are not know well to the eye of the UFC and are looking to make their name known by putting on a great performance to let the rest of the featherweight division know that new challenges are among them. Rodriguez brings boxing, taekwondo and jiu-jitsu that has made him well-rounded in striking as well as having great grappling techniques. Caceres brings striking and a little bit of jiu-jitsu that have given him ground game as well as cardio. Since both of these fighters are known well to the UFC it will be difficult to chose a favorite, but in my opinion I will have to go with Rodriguez all that he seems to bring more skills to this fight than Caceres who really does not seem to offer much since he knows just striking and not really a style of striking like Rodriguez does with his boxing and taekwondo. Though Caceres does have a combination of jiu-jitsu that he could put to good use and turn the fight into a grappling match. But he will also have to overcome Rodriguez’s jiu-jitsu as well as Rodriguez will be putting up a fight against him not leaving anything to count out of his techniques that could prove to be too much for Caceres to handle. My prediction: Rodriguez wins via submission in Round 2.

#5 CUB SWANSON (22-7-0) vs. #14 TATSUYA “THE CRUSHER” KAWAJIRI (35-9-2)
This is three round fight in the featherweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are almost on opposite ends of the leader board and are now looking to make a statement with the hopes of moving up to face much tougher opponents. Swanson brings striking, judo and jiu-jitsu making him well-rounded in all three methods of victory. Kawajiri brings kickboxing and shooto that also made him efficient in all three methods of victory. With both fighters containing great style of fighting this fight looks to be hard to chose a favorite, but when looking more closely at the statistics I would have to favor Swanson due to his judo and jiu-jitsu that make him well-rounded at outlasting most of his opponents to where he submits them or defeats them in the decision that could be a challenge for Kawajiri. Though Kawajiri has plenty of decision wins under his belt along with knockout and submission victories making him no joke for Swanson, which could be a major downfall to Swanson as he has not had as near as many fights as Kawajiri has making him a possible sitting duck in this fight. My prediction: Kawajiri wins via unanimous decision.

This is a three round fight in the middleweight division. This is another fight that contains two fighters not known well to the fans of the UFC and are now given another opportunity to make their names heard and finally get into middleweight ranking. McGee brings boxing, kempo, karate and jiu-jitsu that have helped him to become efficent in grappling techniques as well as maintaining great cardio. Steele brings boxing and wrestling giving him striking power as well as grappling control. Another fight that is hard to chose a favorite, but I believe that Steele shows a greater advantage in this fight due to his combination of boxing and wrestling that always appears to be a deadly combination with any fighter. Though McGee has much more style of fighting that could give him the ability to out strike Steele as well as ground-and-pound him with the help of his jiu-jitsu. However, Steele seems to show more aggression in his fights that he could use to place pressure on McGee and walk away as the victor. My prediction: Steele wins via unanimous decision.