By Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Oliveira will air on February 21, 2016 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

This is a five round main event in the welterweight division. For this will be Donald Cerrone’s debut fight as a welterweight and he will try to prove to everyone that he can be just as good in the welterweight division as he was in the lightweight division, but Alex Oliveira looks to add a huge win onto his record and prove to Cerrone that the welterweight division is a whole new ball game. Cerrone brings boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu that not only helped him rise to the top in the lightweight division, but defeat many big names and show great dominating performances that always left fans wanting more. Oliveira brings Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu that has made him a deadly striker and dangerous to stay on feet with throughout a fight. With both fighters having the necessary striking it looks as if this fight will turn into a full on boxing type of fight, which would be fun to watch. However, the key factor will probably be who shows the better ground game in this fight, which looks to favor Cerrone with 15 of his 28 victories coming from submission making him very dangerous on the ground and could place Oliveira in a world of trouble and come off with an impressive win in his debut fight as a welterweight. Though Oliveira does have almost spot on striking with nine of his 14 victories coming from knockout making him that more of a dangerous opponent to stand up with and if he can keep the fight standing then he could put Cerrone in a world of trouble causing serious damage and thus making Cerrone think twice about competing in the welterweight division of the UFC. My prediction: Cerrone wins via knockout in round 3.

This is a three round fight in the bantamweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are looking to work their way into the leader board with a possible title shot in the near future and they plan to prove it by making a statement with an epic win over their opponent. Garbrandt brings boxing and wrestling that has given him great cardio and impressive knockout power leading him to a perfect record of 7-0. Mendes brings jiu-jitsu that has helped him win all of his professional fights and looks to continue that streak in the UFC. This fight looks to be worth checking out as both fighters have great cardio and striking making it seem like this fight will be an all out brawl. Though what will set this fight a part is who has the more accurate striking, which Garbrandt looks to take this fight in the bag with his experience in the sport and many knockout victories that makes him dangerous to stand with. However, Mendes does posses submission skills and has finished all his fights so he could just surprise everyone with a big victory on his debut, but he will have to overcome Garbrandt’s aggression that has always played a factor in his fights and he does not plan to show any ease in this fight as he plans to make a big statement and do it with an impressive performance. My prediction: Garbrandt wins via knockout in round 1.

This is a three round fight in the women’s bantamweight division. In this fight are two fighters that are trying to improve their MMA careers by making a great run in the UFC and come off a loss by adding another win under their belts with the hopes of taking off onto a successful path. Murphy brings boxing and jiu-jitsu that has made her great on the ground and feet making her that more of a tough challenge as she relies on both methods of fighting to bring her a victory. Faszholz brings striking and takedowns, but since she is relatively new to the sport there is not much else that we know on what skills she will bring to this fight. With both fighters not having much experience in the UFC or the sport of MMA itself it is hard to predict how this fight will turn out to be, but by looks at all the statistics it looks to favor Murphy with her aggressive game plan as she always goes all out in her fights and never leaves anything behind as she wants to prove to the world that she belongs in the UFC. Though Faszholz is still new she could have many surprises that she is waiting to unveil  and show everyone why she chose to become a mixed-martial artist. My prediction: Murphy wins via knockout in round 1.