UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Zhang Preview

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Zhang will air on August 31, 2019, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Preliminary Card (ESPN)

This is a three-round fight in the bantamweight division. Danaa brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Alateng brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Similar style, but Danaa possesses better control. He will be faster and more efficient with his attacks. Alateng will try to set up his attacks, only to be countered by Danaa. My prediction: Danaa wins via unanimous decision.

KAROL ROSA (11-3-0) vs LARA PROCOPIO (6-0-0)
This is a three-round fight in the women’s bantamweight division. Rosa brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Procopio brings striking and grappling. Rosa’s jiu-jitsu should give Procopio trouble, but it won’t. It’s not that great and Procopio has great control and defense, which will place pressure on Rosa. My prediction: Procopio wins via unanimous decision.

This is a three-round fight in the lightweight division. Ismagulov brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Moises brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Both can strike; Ismagulov is the better grappler. His ability to bring his opponents down and keep them, therefore, long periods will quickly wear Moises down. Moises will grow tired early into the fight against that level of grappling and ill meet his demise. My prediction: Ismagulov wins via submission in Round 1.

DA UN JUNG (11-2-0) vs KHADIS IBRAGIMOV (8-0-0)
This is a three-round fight in the light heavyweight division. Jung brings striking and grappling. Ibragimov brings striking and sambo. Jung’s striking appears like it will get the best of Ibragimov─that will not be the case. Ibragimov will be able to withstand Jung’s striking power. He will then bring him to the ground and out grapple him before forcing him to quit. My prediction: Ibragimov wins via submission in Round 1.

This is a three-round fight in the bantamweight division. Mudaerji brings boxing. Soukhamthath brings boxing and jiu-jitsu. The jiu-jitsu Soukhamthath possesses appears to give Mudaerji a challenge. However, Mudaerji’s boxing is more efficient and contains more power. He will attack Soukhamthath right away and keep him under pressure. This will cause Soukhamthath to grow cautious and try to find a takedown. This will then allow Mudaerji to cause Soukhamthath to eat a deadly uppercut. My prediction: Mudaerji wins via TKO in Round 2.

This is a three-round fight in the middleweight division. Park brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Hernandez brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Both are well-equipped with jiu-jitsu; Hernandez packs more power in his strikes. He will be throwing harder and faster than Park. Park will try to strike with him, but it will only lead to his downfall. My prediction: Hernandez wins via TKO in Round 1.

This is a three-round fight in the welterweight division. Kenan brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Krantz brings Kung Fu and jiu-jitsu. This fight looks to be decided on who can strike more efficiently. In that case, Krantz’s Kung Fu will get the better of any striking technique Kenan throws at him. Krantz will be able to attack with clean shots while defending against Kenan’s attacks. He will keep this plan of attack until Kenan exposes himself giving Krantz the kill shot. My prediction: Krantz wins via knockout in round 2.

Main Card (ESPN+)

WU “MULAN” YANAN (10-2-0) vs MIZUKI INOUE (13-5-0)
This is a three-round fight in the women’s flyweight division. Yanan brings striking, judo, and jiu-jitsu. Inoue brings kickboxing, shoot boxing, and karate. The striking abilities Inoue brings appear to be a major challenge for Yanan. However, Yanan has a great defense and will be able to bring Inoue to the ground. There he will grapple with him until he forces Inoue to quit. My prediction: Yanan wins via submission in Round 3.

ZHENHONG LU (18-6-0) vs MOVSAR EVLOEV (11-0-0)
This is a three-round fight in the bantamweight division. Lu brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Evloev brings striking and jiu-jitsu. Both contain similar techniques; Evloev is more efficient with his jiu-jitsu. He is more on point and will be faster than Lu. This will cause Lu to grow careless and try a takedown only to be countered with a takedown from Evloev. Evloev will then out grapple him and put him away with almost mere ease. My prediction: Evloev wins via submission in Round 1.

#10 KAI “DON’T BLINK” KARA-FRANCE (19-7-0, 1 NC) vs #14 MARK “BUMBLEBEE” DE LA ROSA (11-2-0)
This is a three-round fight in the bantamweight division. Kara-France brings boxing and jiu-jitsu. La Rosa brings boxing and jiu-jitsu. Both are almost identical in techniques; Kara-France is more well-rounded. He will be able to control La Rosa while keeping him under pressure. La Rosa will try to attack and go for takedowns, but will not get by Kara-France’s defense. My prediction: Kara-France wins via unanimous decision.

This is a three-round co-main event in the welterweight division. Dos Santos brings kickboxing, Capoeira, and jiu-jitsu. Jingliang brings Sanshou, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. Jingliang’s wrestling looks like it will be a challenge for dos Santos. Dos Santos will defend heavily against all of Jingliang’s takedowns. This will cause Jingliang to grow more cautious and not attack as much. Dos Santos will continue his attack while not giving Jingliang any room for setups. My prediction: dos Santos wins via unanimous decision.

This is a five-round main event for the women’s strawweight championship. Andrade brings boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu. She is the current champion. Zhang brings boxing, judo, and jiu-jitsu. Zhang’s boxing is good enough to challenge Andrade and that could be all she needs. That will not be the case as Andrade’s Muay Thai is far superior. She not only brings power but speed as well. This will surely be a major trouble for Zhang as she will not be able to withstand that kind of striking. Zhang will grow cautious and try bringing Andrade to the ground only to eat more heavy strikes n the process. My prediction: Andrade wins via knockout in Round 1.