UFC 203 has a damn good fight card and worth watching.
UFC 203 has a damn good fight card and worth watching.

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem will air on September 10, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is a five round fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. In this fight will be two top gladiators finally waiting to prove to the world that they are the real king of the heavyweight division by putting on their greatest performance ever in their entire careers. Miocic brings boxing and wrestling that have made him efficient on both feet and ground that have lead him to a near perfect record as well as the current Heavyweight Champion. Overeem brings kickboxing and judo that has lead him to 41 career wins as well as finishing 37 of his fights either by knockout or submission. Since both fighters have well-rounded standing and ground game the fight looks to be almost dead even, but when it comes to experience the advantage falls in favor of Overeem as he has much more fights under his belt given him a better idea of what it takes to win fights and how to overcome tight spots in matches. Though Miocic has proven in just his short career that he is a deadly threat to the entire heavyweight division and with his impressive striking power that he has used to win 11 of his 15 fights really shows just how dangerous he is when he is standing and places his opponents in the position he wants them to be, which could really put Overeem in a world of major trouble. However Overeem has plenty of striking power as well and so Miocic will have to keep his guard up if he wants to remain champion in his hometown, but then again Overeem’s chin is not that well equipped to take the kind of strikes that Miocic will be throwing at him, which could the very factor to the outcome of this epic battle. My prediction: Miocic wins via knockout in round 1.


This is a three round fight in the heavyweight division. In this fight are two heavyweights that have previously faced each other at UFC on Fox 11. Werdum brings judo, Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu that have made him the most efficient grappler in the UFC as well as the former Heavyweight Champion. Browne brings boxing, Muay Thai, judo, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that have made him very efficient in striking. Since both are well-equipped it is hard to chose a victor, but if it comes to who fights more accurate the fight looks to be in favor of Werdum with his well-rounded jiu-jitsu that has been proven to be extremely deadly and I am not sure Browne has improved enough to stand up to that level of grappling. Though Browne does have some impressive striking that could very well be his major weapon to use in this fight as Werdum relies more on his jiu-jitsu to win his fights and if Browne could keep the fight standing as long as possible he just might be able to catch Werdum with a deadly strike just like dos Santos and Miocic did in their fights against him. However, Werdum will be placing serious amounts of pressure on Browne to keep him from setting up any sneaky combinations that could place Werdum in a world of trouble. My prediction: Werdum wins via submission in round 3.


This is a three round fight in the bantamweight division. In this fight are two fighters that have different goals as one looks to get one last win under his belt before a possible retirement from the sport while the other will be fighting to work his way up the leader board to a future title shot. Faber brings boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling making him the most efficient submission specialist in the division as well as being a former WEC Featherweight Champion. Rivera brings striking, kickboxing and wrestling leading him to having great cardio as well as a near perfect record. With both fighters being of different combination of fighting the fight will be decided on who uses their combination more accurately, which in that case falls in favor of Faber due to his jiu-jitsu and wrestling skills that he always uses to finish his opponents with a submission attempt and I wonder if Rivera would be able to stand up to that level of grappling. Though Rivera does have a great combination of striking and cardio that could be very lethal to Faber as he now is reaching that point in his career where he might not be able to stand up to that kind of power as he use to and if Rivera came at him full force then Faber would surely look to be in serious trouble. But we cannot forget that Faber still has his speed aspect of his skills that could also help him in avoiding the strikes that Rivera will be throwing at him and could give him the opportunity to find his weak spot and take his chance to finish him and add what could possibly be his final win to his record. My prediction: Faber wins via submission in round 2.


#10 JESSICA “EVIL” EYE (11-5-0, 1 NC) VS. #11 BETHE “PITBULL” CORREIA (9-2-0)
This is a three round fight in the women’s bantamweight division. In this fight are two women looking to make a comeback in their careers with the hopes of getting back on the winning streak and facing more top ranked opponents. Eye brings boxing that has made her efficient in striking power as well as having some cardio. Correia brings kickboxing, Kung Fu, sanda, jiu-jitsu and wrestling making her one of the most aggressive female fighters to compete in MMA. Since both fighters contain a great combination of striking the fight will probably come down to who has the better ground game, which Correia contains much of with her jiu-jitsu and wrestling that will be extremely difficult for Eye to overcome since she does not contain almost no ground game at all. With that being said the only way I can see Eye having a chance in this fight is to try and keep the fight on their feet as much as possible, but even that may prove to be extremely difficult as Correia is very aggressive in her fighting style and she will surely be throwing hard strikes at Eye and keeping pressure on her making it that much harder for Eye to set up any combinations. My prediction: Correia wins via unanimous decision.