This Saturday night, Robbie Lawler (l.) will defend his title against Tyron Woodley (r.)
This Saturday night, Robbie Lawler (l.) will defend his title against Tyron Woodley (r.)

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC 201: Lawler vs. Woodley will air on July 30, 2016 from Atlanta, Georgia.

This is a five round fight for the UFC Welterweight Championship. This fight pits two top welterweights that will finally come head-to-head in what appears to be an epic showdown that fans have been waiting to see. Lawler brings karate, boxing and wrestling that has made him well equipped with aggressive striking power, which has lead him to becoming the current Welterweight Champion. Woodley brings jiu-jitsu and wrestling that have given him great standing and ground game making him efficient in all three methods of victory. As both fighters contain great standing and ground game the fight will come down to who uses their techniques more effectively, which in that case Lawler looks to be in a great advantage with his aggressive style of fighting that Woodley has never faced before and might not be able to stand up against. Though Woodley has some great wrestling techniques that he could use to match Lawler’s and possibly place him in a world of trouble as Lawler relies more on his striking to win fights and not so much on his grappling. With that being the case Woodley looks to have a great chance of possibly walking away as the new champion as he uses his wrestling to the full extent in several of his fights and he will do just that in this fight and try to place Lawler in a world of major trouble. However, Lawler will be placing a great amount of pressure on Woodley and that could be the down side to Woodley taking advantage of the fight as Lawler never gives his opponents a chance to capitalize on a fight and always looks to find that finishing move. No matter what happens, this fight is going to be another war in the welterweight division that will prove to everyone once again why the division is the most exciting to watch. My prediction: Lawler wins by knockout in Round 4.


This is a three round fight in the women’s strawweight division. Namajunas brings taekwondo, karate, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that have made her the most efficient submission specialist in the division as well containing great striking. Kowalkiewicz brings Krav Maga and Muay Thai that has made her skilled in striking leading her to an undefeated record. With both fighters have a great form of striking the main factor of the fight will be decided on who possesses better ground game, which would fall in favor of Namajunas with her jiu-jitsu and wrestling background. Since Namajunas does hold much greater ground game than Kowalkiewicz, Namajunas looks to take this fight in the bag even though Kowalkiewicz holds an undefeated record. Kowalkiewicz has never faced a well-rounded grappler like Namajunas, which I am not sure she would be able to withstand. This is based on the fact that Kowalkiewicz likes to fight on her feet. However, Kowalkiewicz does posses plenty of striking which could be the advantage she needs as she is very well-rounded in Muay Thai. This is a skill that Namajunas does not know much of and if Kowalkiewicz could use her Muay Thai to the fullest then she could place Namajunas in a world of major trouble. Though Namajunas has a pretty good defense game plan and that will make it very difficult for Kowalkiewicz to try and pressure her and possibly place her in a world of trouble as she goes head-to-head against one of the top female athletes in the UFC. My prediction: Namajunas wins via submission in Round 1.

This is a three round fight in the welterweight division. This fight has two tough fighters that have had some hiccups recently and are looking to get back on track by adding another impressive victory to their record. Brown brings kickboxing, judo and jiu-jitsu that has made him very effective in both standing and ground game. Ellenberger brings striking, jiu-jitsu and wrestling that have given him 18 victories by knockout. Since both fighters contain a great style of standing game the fight will most likely be decided on the ground game, which in that case would fall in the favor of Brown all for his impressive jiu-jitsu he has used to challenge other jiu-jitsu artists as well as wrestlers making him much more deadly on the ground. Though Ellenberger does have some good takedown defense and the longer he can keep the fight on their feet the better chance he will most likely have of winning the fight and thus getting back on the winning road and adding possibly his biggest victory to his record yet. My prediction: Brown wins via submission in Round 3.