Types of SEO Services You Should Know About


Anyone trying to start a serious business online knows it’s important to have an optimized site. Properly done SEO will help you with your rankings on search engines and attract more potential clients.  

However, you also need to understand there are several types of SEO services. Some of them are better than others and will drive more traffic to your site. The goal is to land on the first page of Google since a very small number of people researching something will go further than that.

Let’s take a look at SEO services you need to be aware of if you want to conquer the online market.

Technical SEO

The first thing you should know is that rankings are affected by the technical factors, like web speed. However, your site can be slow even if the web speed is not. As experts from https://unravelseo.com/seo/technical/ say, it’s important to generate interest from people and that will not happen if your site is slow. People are generally impatient when it comes to these things and will exit your page. On the other hand, if you have a fast loading webpage, the search engine will see it as more user-friendly.

Mobile optimization will also have an impact on the page status. After all, these days, people are accessing the internet mostly via smartphones or tablets. So it’s very important to provide them with the best possible experience. Google algorithm recognizes mobile-friendly websites and positions them higher.

On-Page SEO

This service is focusing on the optimization of the visible page elements. Title and meta description consisting of keywords play a big role in determining a site’s status because they help a search engine understand what your content is all about. Make them interesting so they stand out from the competition. They will increase click-through rate and time a visitor spends on site which all goes into account when ranking is decided.

Well-constructed page content will also be appreciated. Headings are a great way to organize your texts and are taken into account by Google. However, if you only use these to achieve a better position, it will not last for a long time.

The text is critical as it can increase user-engagement. If you have something valuable to offer, your content will be of interest to the readers, and they will be spending more time interacting with your webpage.    

Off-Page SEO

These techniques are used to boost a website’s domain authority (a measure of site’s credibility and ability to rank well). Optimization elements in this case are not related to the page itself. Social media are a good way to achieve greater engagement.


Some would say that backlinks represent the backbone of the ranking algorithm. The more of them you receive, the better standing among the search results you’ll have. Also, Google has been increasing the importance of site security by pushing for HTTPS over HTTP sites.  

Creating a thriving website requires a strategically implemented search engine optimization. You have to include on and off-page elements as well as technical SEO factors if you want to build a strong internet presence. The position of your page will be determined based on the user experience you provide to visitors.