Travel Your Way: The Best Tips for Traveling Alone

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Why travel with the same group when you can do your own thing? Master the art of solo travel with these awesome tips for traveling alone.

Traveling alone might sound lonely but it offers a lot of benefits. You can do your own thing, set your own agenda, and meet new people.

Before Covid-19, solo travel made up 18 percent of global bookings. That’s an increase of 7 percent from 2018.

It can sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never traveled alone before. You may wonder if it’s safe, or how you’ll fill your time.

Don’t worry. Check out our tips for traveling alone and fully embrace that next solo trip!

Safety First
In some ways, you’re safer traveling alone. You don’t stand out as much and you can blend in with the crowd.

That said, walk in the street as though you know where you’re going. It makes you look more like a local and less like a vulnerable stranger.

Avoid walking around with a guidebook. Save a digital copy to your phone for private browsing.

Buy a theft-resistant bag to carry your money so you can easily access it during the day. Use hidden pockets to carry your passport or extra cash.

Some hotels are designated as safe spaces for solo female travelers. They’re a good choice for women traveling alone for the first time.

Getting Around
Check how you’ll get to your hotel from the airport. If you can use public transport, it’ll be cheaper and easier.

Taxi drivers might target solo travelers and charge more than a ride is worth. If you know the rough price beforehand, you know which cabs to avoid.

Try to arrange your arrival during the day when everything is still open. Even so, choose hotels with 24-hour front desks. You won’t be left outside if you arrive late.

Booking a cruise can be a safer option. The cruise line handles the travel between destinations. Other cruise passengers can provide you with company.

Save Money
The single supplement is one of the downsides of traveling alone. Companies often charge one to make up for the fact your room only has one occupant.

Avoid the supplement by booking with companies that don’t charge them.

Sometimes you can bag a bargain by booking your trip last minute. Some companies waive or reduce the supplement to sell any spare spaces.

Learn to Blend In
You’ll get the most out of traveling alone when you behave more like a local. Find out where locals eat and avoid tourist traps.

The food will be better and cheaper. You’re also more likely to avoid those who prey on tourists.

Learn helpful phrases, including “leave me alone” if you’re a woman. It’s also valuable to learn local customs, including how they dress.

What Are Your Tips for Traveling Alone?
These tips for traveling alone might make it sound like solo travel is expensive or scary. It doesn’t have to be either of those things.

Yet by following a few precautions, it can be liberating and enjoyable. You can make new friends and see more of a location than you’d seen in a group.

Once you started traveling solo, you might never go back to traveling with friends!

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