Top 5 Lottery Winning Movies of All Time

Photo Courtesy: Vic

Whenever you equate something great to an actual feeling, it is often winning the lottery. ‘I had a great day; I felt like I had won the lottery.’ These are all phrases you’ll hear all day long. In a sense, the phrase has bred more bettors in the world through.

While you may agree that a lot of factors differentiates society. Most of the time, in fact, people are looking for more ways to be unique and to stand out. However, the one common trait that everyone shares is the joy of winning the lottery.

As a result, when people start talking of themes relating to winning the lottery, you are more inclined to listen. The entertainment industry is an excellent example of this.

For the past few decades, a lot of movies have been written that revolve around winning the lottery. Cult classic films, like Waking Ned Divine, have gone ahead to carve a niche for lottery movies.

You see, Ned Divine has the winning numbers for the Irish National Lottery. The movie, however, uses this theme to address the wage disparity in Ireland.

Other entertainment genres that have influenced the penetration of the lottery industry include the writing and music industries. In writing, there are books about betting, and in music, there are songs by popular artists like Train and Bow Wow, talking about betting.

There are also songs about winning that have become popular with bettors. Movies, however, still surpass these other entertainment genres.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular lottery movies. This list covers movies from yesteryears as well as the recent ones.

1. Lottery Ticket
Now, there are two kinds of people when it comes to this movie. Some thought of it as a charming comedy, and then some felt it was plagued by cliché and on the nose jokes. This is one of those comedy filled movies from back in 2010.

The movie features Bow Wow, Brandon Jackson, and Naturi Naughton. The premise of the movie is a struggling actor that wins $370 million in the lottery. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong, and the offices he needs are closed down.

The movie then details the struggles of the lottery winner as he tries to navigate the hood and keep away from prying eyes.

2. Lucky numbers
Lucky numbers is one of those comedy movies with characters that catch everyone off the guard. In this 2005 comedic sensation, Lisa Kudrow and John Travolta team up to try ad scheme the state lottery.

John Travolta is a struggling weatherman, who despite a worthy investment, is currently having financial problems. Lisa Kudrow is John’s girlfriend and host of the lottery show.

3. Uptown Saturday Night
Stephen Jackson is a diligent steelworker on his first day of vacation. Unfortunately, he meets Wardell Franklin, an old-time friend and now a taxi driver. Wardell convinces Stephen to rekindle the old fun times one more time.

As the two are enjoying themselves, remembering old memories, they’re robbed and lose their wallet with a lottery ticket inside. The movie then joins the two as they try to figure out their next steps.

4. Waking Ned Devine
As mentioned above, waking Ned Devine is a movie that explores more about society as it does the character. Ned, an elderly lottery winner from a small town, passes on. While he is the only one who can claim the winning, two youngsters, Jackie and Michael, together with the entire village plot how to claim the winnings.

5. Lady From Louisiana
The Lady from Louisiana is a 1941 movie that also seeks to talk about more than just winning the lottery. The film revolves around John Wayne as he depicts John Reynolds.

John is stuck between Julie, who he’s got a thing for, Julie’s father, a well off lottery company owner, and the aunt, who wants to see the business fail. John is often conflicted about the side he’s on and his interests.

Other famed lottery movies include:

  • 29th Street
  • If I had a million
  • Finder’s Fee
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Animation series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Penny Proud have also had a crack at episodes showcasing lottery winners.

Ultimately, these movies and pop references all lead back to the dream that most people have, that you’ll wake up to winning the lottery and enjoy your life. And that does happen, so don’t give up.