Things to Look For When Buying Golf Push Carts

It’s quite an experience to take the time to stroll the golf course. The morning dew’s sensation under your golf shoes, the refreshing air, and the beautiful landscape within your sight. Relaxation just comes to you at once. However, the heavy golf equipment that you carry on your back will unexpectedly turn your stroll into an aching struggle. That’s why golf push carts become more prevalent in current times. It provides the opportunity to walk the course while having a few additional wheels to help hold the bag.

Furthermore, if you decide to buy a golf push cart, you’ll have to learn how to pick and get the right one. There are a few aspects to look for to make sure you get a higher quality product, and this guide will show you an essential thing that you need to take note of. After you’ve done reading, for sure, you’re going to buy the best one.

Weight Factors

Purchasing a cart that is minimal in weight and high in efficiency are critical factors for consideration. Many golf carts can weigh 10-25 pounds in range. The heavier the cart, the more likely it is to be made of more durable materials such as metal or aluminum. Lighter carts tend to have plastic components that may result in a lower percentage of weight.

A lightweight model with high breaking technology will be the better option. In addition to the weight concern, durability is essential as well. According to Hack Golf, an online platform for golf gear guides and reviews, searching thoroughly for an excellent quality product is a significant investment and will hopefully last you a lifetime. In purchasing a new golf push cart, you should exercise your option to find the best feature that it offers.

Storage Capacity

One of the best reasons for obtaining a golf push cart is because of its storage. Who doesn’t want extra space for your golf gears and apparel?

It’s probably the toughest decision to determine how much and what kind of storage you want on your pushcart. Usually, the more expensive the cart is, the more storage space it provides. Some rare carts offer additional storage at the wheel level, below where the bag rests. Make sure to pick a cart with plenty of room, especially if you love to play a lot in the rain so your things will be kept safe and dry.

 Wheel Type

When it comes to pushing or pulling the golf cart, it should have the ability to maneuver over rough terrain. Aluminum or metal and plastic are common kinds for the spokes of the wheel.

Most of the wheel specs have the same rubberized coating used in car tires and, like these tires, require the right amount of air pressure. To prevent getting into trouble in the middle of the course, try to choose foam tires. Such foam tires are air-free and can still have stability and movement capabilities like the rubberized tire. These tires will be a little costly, but in retrospect, they’re not going to need vehicle maintenance that can cause additional hassle.

Braking System

Most of the golf cart braking systems are at the foot level. It is operated by moving the lever up or down to set or release the brake. Some carts have a brake for each of the rear wheels, while others have it for only one. Usually, they’re just going to work great either of the two.

The key feature of this is to ensure that your pushcart can lock the brakes. It guarantees the placement of a golf course on steep hills or other rugged terrains.

Size and Compactness

Another function that will play a role in the decision-making process is a push cart’s ability to fold up and be compact. A compact and portable pushcart is a must. When fully opened, golf push carts can take up to 4 feet in length and 4 feet in height measurements. That consumes a lot of space, so the ability to fold up or down is the main feature to look for your golf cart.

When completely folded, the cart should be measured less than 2 feet in length and 3 feet in height. Some designs allow you to disassemble your golf cart completely. However, that requires too many steps to justify approval.

The bottom line here is that we’ve all reached a point on our golf journey where we have to determine whether to buy a golf push cart or continue to carry our bags. In case you recently got into the same crossroads of dilemma, the vital thing to do is look at several issues and do some research before making a decision. We hope that the aspects that we wrote above will guide you in choosing the right golf push cart that will suit you.