The Toadies at Billy Bob’s 12/30/18

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There are a few local holiday traditions you can count on. One of those is being able to see The Toadies live just before the ringing in the New Year. For the last 6 years, on Dec 30th, The Toadies have called Billy Bob’s home, and just last year the City of Fort Worth recognize the Toadies’ contribution to the local music scene by naming Dec 30th Toadies day.

Well in keeping with tradition, The Toadies graced the stage Sunday night with the great 1100 Springs opening for them. And for a few hours, both bands turned the world’s biggest hhonky-tonk into what felt like a giant family reunion.

  • Quitter
  • Push the Hand
  • No Deliverance
  • Polly Jean
  • Mexican Hairless
  • I Come From the Water
  • When I Die
  • Little Sin
  • Song I Hate
  • Rattler’s Revival
  • Take Me Alive
  • You’ll Come Down
  • Tyler
  • Summer of the Strange
  • Mama Take Me Home
  • Backslider
  • You Know the Words
  • Possum Kingdom
  • Hell in High Water
  • Encore:
  • The Appeal
  • Paper Dress
  • Away
  • I Burn