The Fugitive starring Kiefer Sutherland Debuts on Quibi

The latest incarnation of The Fugitive premieres today on Quibi with Kiefer Sutherland and Boyd Holbrook as the stars of the 14-part series that will have new episodes debuting every day through August 18th.

Each episode is roughly eight-10 minutes as is customary with the Quibi platform.

This version of The Fugitive is set in Los Angeles and does not revolve around Dr. Richard Kimble and US Marshal Girard as is the case with the 1963 series and the 1993 blockbuster.

The plot revolves around Mike Ferro (Holbrook), an ex-con who had just exited a subway train before it exploded and is now the prime suspect thanks to LA police detective Clay Bryce (Sutherland) and a reporter (Tiya Sicar) who actively tweets misinformation in her quest to be the first to the scoop.

After being wrongfully accused and on the run, Ferro embarks on a quest to find the actual bomber and keep his family safe while avoiding the pursuit led by Bryce and his crew.

The first three episodes dropped on August 3 and are now available on Quibi,