The Flash: Season Two Winter Finale Recap

The Flash Season Two mid-season finale had several awesome moments. Photo Courtesy:
The Flash Season Two mid-season finale had several awesome moments.
Photo Courtesy:

By Alex GustafsonĀ 

The CW’s The Flash has been nothing but eventful and has lived up to the success of the Arrow spin-off’s rookie season.

With the introduction of Zoom as the primary villain, the Earth-2 counterparts viewers have seen and the ones they have yet to see and the 52 breaches (an homage to the New 52 in DC Comics). An Earth-2 Harrison Wells exists and resembles his counterpart from the first season with notable differences: he has a daughter, who has been captured by Zoom and is Earth-2 Wells’ motivation to help Barry get the most out of his speed and to educate Barry on Earth-2. The season has revealed Grodd to have advanced his mind control abilities beyond where viewers last saw him in season one. Lastly, there is Cisco Ramon’s decision to embrace his ability to “vibe” and see glimpses of future events by simply touching someone.

In the winter finale viewers were introduced to Wally West, Iris’ brother and Joe’s son, who showed up at their doorstep during their Christmas party with their friends from S.T.A.R. Labs.

What to look forward to in the second half of the season:

  1. When will viewers learn the identity of Zoom?
  2. When do viewers meet Barry Allen’s Earth-2 counterpart?
  3. Do Iris and Joe reveal Barry’s secret to Wally?
  4. How long does Earth-2 Wells go along with Zoom’s plan to train Barry to increase his speed and to increase Barry’s speed via the speed force?
  5. Do viewers see Caitlin Snow’s transformation into the Killer Frost persona? If so, what leads her down this path?

As eventful and confusing as the first half of the season was, I expect these questions to be answered and for the second half to be more explosive and thought provoking than the first half of The Flash Season Two on the CW. The Flash returns on Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. CT on the CW.