The 7 Best Coffee Beans You Have to Try in 2019


64% of people enjoy consuming coffee, at least once a day. Some drink it for the jolt of caffeine, while others prefer the unique warmth and taste. Either way, a steaming cup of coffee is the perfect way to perk up your morning or mid-afternoon slump. 

Many cafes and coffee lovers choose to grind their own coffee beans. One reason for this is the fresh aroma that fills your kitchen or office space. You’ll also extract more flavor from grinding the beans right before brewing.
The right beans will provide the best quality and flavor for your freshly ground coffee. Read on for the best coffee beans to buy for brewing the best cup of java. 

1. Peet’s Coffee 
Peet’s has long been a favorite of those looking for a superior product at a great price point. This brand is ideal for people who prefer to buy coffee beans from their local grocery store. 

A moderate priced coffee bean can be of great value to someone who drinks a few or more cups of coffee each day. Yet, it’s best to limit yourself to 5 cups of coffee a day. This way you get the health benefits of coffee, without any jittery side effects. 

Peet’s offers a great flavor profile that is smooth and well-balanced. Customer favorites include Major Dickenson’s dark roast. Big Bang Blend is popular for a flavorful medium roast coffee.
The brand also features a few reserve blends. These can be harder to find due to limited availability. 

Their Kona Reserve coffee is worth a try. It features authentic Kona beans from Hawaii. These beans produce a unique flavor that is both floral and fruity.  

2. Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish gets marketed as the world’ strongest coffee. These fresh coffee beans don’t come cheap and they are not for the faint of heart. This is due to the brand’s high-caffeine content. 

They feature certified organic beans and are also a fairtrade company. Their beans offer a rich and bold brew, without the acidity.  

You can find Death Wish in some grocery stores or through online retailers. The brand also offers different blends, depending on your preferred flavor profile.  

3. Koffee Kult 
This brand has grown a cult following of coffee bean lovers. They offer 100% arabica whole beans for making delicious and strong coffee. 

Koffee Kult has a few different roast profiles. Yet, each gets known for their superior caffeine strength. Thunder Bolt French Roast and Eye Cracker Espresso Beans are two popular options. 

This brand prides itself on sourcing beans from all over the world. This includes Ethiopia, Colombia, and Kenya. They also import beans from Brazil, the world’s top coffee producer.   

4. Lifeboost Coffee
Lifeboost offers some of the best coffee beans in ethical fair trade production. This brand places a lot of focus on safe and sustainable farming methods.

They make a great effort to support small coffee farms in Nicaragua. Their company also supports the rainforest and preservation of wildlife. 

Lifeboost markets itself as being the purest coffee you can drink. This coffee also has the least amount of acidity when compared to other brands.  

Their organic hand-picked specialty beans offer a smooth flavor. You’ll notice hints of caramel and chocolate, with a slight fruit taste.  

Lifeboost is unique in that it tests its products for contaminants and toxins. They use a third-party vendor to ensure a safe and superior coffee product. This is important as mold shows up in some coffee brands.  

Lifeboost is also free of pesticides and GMO’s. Their sustainable practices make them one of the more expensive coffee bean options. 

5. Kicking Horse Coffee
This is another of the best coffee options for getting your beans at the grocery store. Kicking Horse offers a decent price for organic fairtrade coffee beans. 

Their Kickass blend offers a strong and flavorful dark roast. It’s smoky yet sweet, with hints of chocolate and molasses. 

Kicking Horse’s Hoodoo Jo offers a unique medium roast. You’ll notice flavors of almonds, wine, and berries.  

This brand uses beans sourced from Africa, South America, and Indonesia. Their roasting process happens in Canada, where this coffee is number one in sales. 

6. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso
You’ll find this favorite coffee brand all over Italy and much of Europe. These beans are ideal for making an excellent cup of espresso. 

Lavazza uses beans sourced from Brazil and Central America. Freshly grinding these beans will result in a creamy, nutty, and sweet flavor. It features a medium-body brew, without any bitterness.    

7. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 
If you’re looking for luxury coffee beans, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is where it’s at. These special arabica beans come from Jamaica and get grown at specific altitudes.

The amount of coffee they produce even gets limited. So, this coffee can be hard to find or it comes with a hefty price tag. 

The coffee beans go through a meticulous growing, harvesting, and roasting process. The result is a flavor profile that is rich, bold, smooth, and sweet all at once.  

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee also goes through a serious inspection process. They only handpick the most perfect beans to use for their products. 

The beans only get roasted and packaged after you place an order for their product. This results in a fresher bean, flavor, and aroma.  

A Note About Roasted Coffee Beans…
All these above coffee bean brands come pre-roasted. Yet, a true coffee connoisseur or cafe owner may choose to roast their own coffee beans.

Unroasted coffee beans offer you the freshest flavor possible when making coffee. In this case, you would be looking for the best coffee beans to buy that are raw or green.  

The Best Coffee Beans to Buy for a Superior Cup of Java
This list contains the best coffee beans to buy for all budgets and brewing methods. Roasting or grinding your own beans offers the freshest and most flavorful brew. 

Be sure to store your beans the right way to keep them fresh for longer. Keep beans in an air-tight container in a temperature-controlled area. You don’t want to place them in the refrigerator or freezer. 

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