Texas Rangers: Less Than Stellar Road Trip

Rangers 2B Rougned Odor and the rest of the team have a lot to ponder these days.
Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs

By Wiley Singleton

The Texas Rangers failed again in their efforts to regain a spot in the AL Wild Card race. Any loyal fan is repulsed and saddened at this point. Let’s review what happened on the diamond this past week…

Series at Mariners

Game 1 – Adrian Sampson was smashed again in the Rangers loss to the Mariners. The Mariners traded away their good players and are essentially trying to lose on purpose.  They still managed to beat the pathetic Rangers with Marco Gonzales starting. Rougie Odor had 3 hits in this loss. Loss 7-3

Game 2 – Rougie Odor had another good day to prevent the Rangers from falling below .500. Joey Gallo played, but was later diagnosed with a broken Hamate bone. Gallo’s injury comes as a shock, and will cripple the Rangers. Brett Martin was the opener and allowed a run. Plucky youngster Pedro Payano followed. Pedro was solid. The Rangers hope he can become the next Pedro Martinez. Win 7-2

Game 3 – Mike Minor underperformed again, giving up 4 runs in  this game. He failed to record a quality start, just like Elvis Andrus failed to record a hit. Andrus has been sub-par since his injury. Logan Forsythe, who looks like a flash in the pan, went 0-4, and has a nose-diving average. Jesse Chavez and Jose Leclerc were solid in relief but it did not matter. Loss 5-3

Series at A’s

Game 1 – After making fools of themselves in Seattle, the Rangers move onto Oakland. They drummed the A’s. Danny Santana continued to do well, notching 3 hits and 6 RBI. Asdrubal Cabera had 3 hits and a walk. The Rangers did well behind Ariel Jurado, who was solid going 7 IP. Win 11-3

Game 2 – Lance Lynn was crisp behind sloppy defence. He recorded 6 solid innings with 1 ER. Danny Santana booted the ball around at SS while Elvis Andrus got his US Citizenship. Cabrera had 3 more hits. Choo walked twice. Willie Calhoun had 2 hits and a walk after Gallo got hurt and allowed Calhoun to play. Win 5-2

Game 3 – After showing flashes of their early season form, the Rangers choked their way through game 3 of the series. Logan Forsythe, Delino DeShields, Jeff Mathis, and Danny Satana, all went hitless. Adrian Sampson went 6 IP but gave up 5 ER. Sampson had the audacity to crybaby about a homer given up to Roman Laureano, an act of softness that sums up his 2019 season. Sampson lost the game for the Rangers and the benches cleared behind his perpetual underperformance. Homer Bailey tuned in a quality start for the A’s on the other side. Rougie Odor went 0-4, proving his hotstreaks do not last long. Loss 5-4

Game 4 – Asdrubal Cabrera cooled off after a whopping two games in this gutting Rangers loss. Danny Santana managed 3 hits in this repulsive loss. Youngster Pedro Payana was solid in this loss. Jesse Chavez came in and allowed his inherited runs to score. Mike Fieres turned in a quality start for the A’s. The Rangers held a lead going into the bottom of the 9th when skipper Chris Woodward decided to fire his final street: Jose Leclerc. With Shawn Kelly hurt and the season on the line, Woodward brought in inaccurate flamethrower Jose Leclerc. Lelerc gave up a leadoff single, then a walk to get the inning messy. He then proceeded to allow a single past a poorly positioned Rougie Odor. After that, he intentionally walked a batter to load the bases. After the obviously poor decision to load the bases for an inaccurate pitcher, Leclerc walked in the winning run to deal inconceivable damage to the Rangers season. The impact of this loss cannot be understated. Not only did Leclerc blow a key game vs a wild card team, but he proved he is still not capable of being closer. The Rangers pushed all-in during a game they had to win and lost. The season’s playoff chances are over. The team choked in Oakland, just like in 2013. Rangers’ fans can only swallow the bile of another disgraceful performance in Oakland. Loss 6-5

Upcoming Schedule – All Times Central
7/30   vs Mariners   7:05 p.m.
7/31   vs Mariners   7:05 p.m.
8/2    vs Tigers         7:05 p.m.
8/3    vs Tigers         7:05 p.m.
8/4    vs Tigers         2:05 p.m.