Texas Rangers: Interest Plummets To All Time Low

Have the Texas Rangers officially checked out on 2020? Photo Courtesy: John Jakorski

By Wiley Singleton

As the Dallas Stars make the Stanley Cup Final and football season kicks off in Cowboys country, the Texas Rangers continue mailing it in.

There is one week in the season left. That is this week. The Rangers have the worst record in the AL. In a season where the team was billed as playoff worthy, the Rangers made fools of themselves week after week. 

The Rangers will mail it in for one more week at which point some real judgements can be made. For now, even for the most hardcore baseball fan, the Rangers are unwatchable. 

Will the Rangers finally fire JD? Will they dump the handful of remaining contracts? Will they clean house completely? These are questions best left for an end of season review. The Rangers stopped caring months ago, and they are rapidly descending into a period of darkness.