Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots: AFC Divisional Playoff Preview

Tom Brady and the Patriots will enjoy home field advantage against the Titans. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison
Tom Brady and the Patriots will enjoy home field advantage against the Titans.
Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison
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By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots
Saturday – January 13 – 7:15 p.m.
Gillette Stadium – Foxboro – MA

Tennessee has walked into a hornets nest. How so? The Patriots punish the opposition when they have home field advantage. The Titans are a low key team that sneaks up on you. Not this week. Bill Belichick game plans better than any coach in the NFL. Let’s see how the Titans adjust to the Patriots defensive scheme.

Why you shouldn’t watch this game
It’s Saturday and you’re spending quality time with your girlfriend. Last week she allowed you to have football all to yourself and now she needs some QT time!

Why you should watch this game
You want to see if the Titans can put up points on the Patriots stingy defense. Will this game be a passing of the guard game? Can the Titans upset the Patriots at home? Tune in to see what happens.

New England Patriots
It doesn’t matter how old Tom Brady is. He’s still Tom Terrific! The offense is controlled by a quarterback considered as the best that has ever played. The offense uses no name receivers, castaways and offensive nobodies to score points and move the chains. Brady has passed for 4577 yards on 385-581 attempts with 32 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. At the beginning of the season he was considered too old and washed up. The last 7 games he’s proven all of his critics wrong. He is simply the best option on his team. He’s the cog that keeps the championship car moving. Tennessee has to stop Brady and the offense will shut down.

Tennessee Titans
The Titans will keep the game close. It’s the only way they will have a shot in the dark in this one. The keys to victory will be: Play hard and smart on defense. Put Tom Brady on his butt and run the ball on offense. There’s no text book way of beating any team on either side of the ball. The Titans should unleash the linebackers with jailbreak schemes. They really won’t have a chance playing conservative. rushing 6 at a time keeps Brady’s rhythm off. You have to make the Patriots a play making team instead of allowing them to run scripted plays. The Patriots offense will put up big numbers if the Titans defense doesn’t play physical. The Titans defense is key this week.

I want Tennessee to unseat the Patriots and move on to the AFC Championship Game, but I’m not going with my heart in this one, I’m going with my brain: take the Patriots to win by 13 at home.

Final score
Patriots 38 – Titans 25