Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs Wild Card Preview

Alex Smith and the Chiefs can win their first home playoff game since 1994 with a victory over the the Titans. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
Alex Smith and the Chiefs can win their first home playoff game since 1994 with a victory over the the Titans. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
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By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs
Saturday – January 6 – 3:20 p.m.
Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City – MO

It’s that time of year when some teams hit their championship stride to make a run for the championship. While other teams limp into the playoffs and strike out! Let’s take a look at the AFC Wild Card game between Tennessee and Kansas City.

Why you shouldn’t watch this game
You favorite college basketball team is playing a rival team and you have $50 riding on it.

Why you should watch this game
You want to see if Alex Smith can get over the hump and lead this team to a championship or will he continue to be labeled a game manager.

Kansas City Chiefs
A few weeks ago, everyone in the sports world wanted Chiefs coach Andy Reid to bench Alex Smith. The team had a 5-game losing streak and Alex Smith was the person to blame. He’s been the best thing that has happened to that organization in years. He has better numbers than Joe Montana (albeit the end of his career) when he played for the Chiefs. Flash forward to this weekend. Alex Smith will lead the team on Saturday against the Tennessee Titans. Smith had a decent year with 26 passing touchdowns and 4042 yards through the air. How can that be considered a bad season. He’s the catalyst for the Chiefs offense. Kareem Hunt has 8 rushing TDs on 272 carries for 1327 yards on the ground. The key to winning this game is sustaining long drives and controlling the clock for Kansas City.

Tennessee Titans
Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota will challenge the Chiefs defense this weekend. He can beat you through the air and on the ground. The Chiefs defense struggles against dual threat quarterbacks. Mariota has grown into a much better field general over the the past two seasons. He’s slowly becoming a quality quarterback that no one has noticed. This year he has 13 passing touchdowns (4 rushing) and 3232 passing yards. Derrick Henry will get the bulk of the carries. Big strong and physical, he can score from anywhere on the field. The Titans won’t lay down this weekend.

I’m taking Kansas City in this one. I can see Alex Smith playing a controlled game with Kareem Hunt having a break out game. The Titans just don`t have the fire power to pull this one off.

Final Score
Kansas City 28 – Tennessee 17