TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson at Big 12 Media Days

The 2018 Big 12 Media Days are taking place inside the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco.

TCU Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson was the first of the coaches to address the press.

Here are Coach Gary Patterson‘s opening remarks:

Yeah, we’re excited as always. People assume coaches don’t like Media Days. I love it,  get a chance to be around Media Days. That’s why I was coming early to do the radio shows and gives me a chance to talk about everybody and I think this will be our seventh year in the Big 12, coming off a leap -3 season, playing a championship game, and I think we usually find out what we’re all about by reading the magazine like you guys do, people you’ve got to go on the offensive line, 5 guys that were seniors and four of them in NFL camps, it’s going to be a big key, quarterback position Shawn Robinson, usually I don’t bring a young player with me, I brought 5.

So he can come with older offensive players, I joked the other day with somebody, two years ago I didn’t bring Kenny Hill and we went 6-6 and last year I brought him and we went 11-3.

We didn’t need to wait another two years to win enough ball games and I think you will not find out all those guys are good guys and the guys we brought with us are great guys and they handle themselves very well.

As the season you go into, there will be question marks and we were naught of last year as being young on defense growing up and this year we will be younger on offense, at least as far as starts and all of those kinds of things so how do we grow up and here in a couple of weeks we’ve got a month to be able to get that done.

You have a very strong schedule, I think one of the things everybody wants to talk about the high lie State game but to be honest with you, we tell our teams all the time, the league games take care of themselves because we have Texas starting of the Big 12 conference and we after Ohio State and Southern and got a lot of guys on defensive back, we lost some good players.

How do we replace them? Not very much of them but they played a lot of starts and for us how do we do that?