My All American

November 13, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier It’s holiday season everybody, ’tis the season to be jolly. People just become giddy during the holidays, like nothing can bring you down from the high of being thankful and giving […]

Rock the Kasbah

October 22, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier It’s hard to criticize the greats in theater, but for us normal, non-Hollywood type folk reality is a bit more familiar in our everyday life. Rock the Kasbah makes reality a […]

The Martian Review

October 2, 2015

  By: Paul Esquivel Saying Ridley Scott’s The Martian is good is an understatement. The Martian is an awesome film that engages you from the moment it starts ‘till its spectacular finish. Starring Matt Damon […]

Finders Keepers Review

September 7, 2015

By Paul Esquivel Bryan Carberry & Clay Tweel’s Finders Keepers is a strange and heartbreaking tale of redemption, perfectly summed up with this quote, “It’s a funny story, but it’s born out of tragedy” spoken […]

The Transporter Reboot That No One Asked For

September 3, 2015

By: Paul Esquivel Contrary to the title, The Transporter: Refueld is definitely running on E. From its’ start the engine stalls as if it was refueled with water, and that would make sense considering the […]

Amy will make you fall in love

July 10, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier Nothing is more fascinating in modern culture than getting to witness an up close and personal look at someone’s private life, especially when it comes to the lives of artists or celebrities. […]

Movie Review: Heaven Knows What

June 10, 2015

By Paul Esquival Heaven Knows What is the type of film that will take your happy mood and smack it right in the face from beginning to end. Directed by New York based indie filmmakers […]

Rush Movie Review

September 28, 2013

By Gary Dowell An atypical biopic wrapped in slick formula and sleek visuals, Ron Howard’s Rush is the director’s meatiest work since Frost/Nixon (2008). Both films were written by Peter Morgan and share an odd kinship, focusing on […]

We’re The Millers Movie Review

August 9, 2013

By Gary Dowell Boasting a strong comedic cast in a dull, unfunny, uninspired, and formulaic comedy, We’re the Millers is one of this summer’s biggest missed opportunities. The central idea should have been a rich vein of […]

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