Album Review: Kanye West, The Life of Pablo

February 18, 2016

By Stephen Elliott You had all the hype and entertainment you wanted in the build up for Kanye West’s new album. He changed his album name three times before sticking with The Life of Pablo, […]

The Ongoing Battle of Hip Hop

September 17, 2015

By Paul Esquivel Do you ever hear how hip hop isn’t at par or on the level it use to be? Or maybe you’ve heard how it sucks, it’s always sucked and it isn’t real […]

Lil Wayne Drops Free Album

July 6, 2015

By Faye Darku While many celebrated Independence Day with a cold beer, hotdogs and fireworks, rapper Lil Wayne did something a little different. With the rising trend of artists releasing surprise albums, Lil Wayne is […]

Rock and Roll proves God Exists

May 5, 2015

By Peter Gerstenzang If you’re the sort of person who takes note of the evils and injustices of the world, it’s easy to look around and feel this is a Godless universe. There’s endless genocide. […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful

August 30, 2014

By Peter Gerstenzang Judging from the e-mails I’ve received regarding this column, it’s come to my attention that some readers find my outlook excessively sarcastic, lowbrow and just plain mean. And that’s the fan mail! […]