Stipe Miocic versus Francis Ngannou the Real Heavyweight Fight?



By Kyler Kuehler

Number four ranked heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou made quick work of number one ranked contender and former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem with a very memorable knockout in just 1:42 in Round 1 at UFC 218. Now that he has earned his biggest win to date, Ngannou has placed himself above the rest of the heavyweight division and will go one on one against current champion Stipe Miocic, possibly sometime early in 2018.

With this fight now confirmed by UFC President Dana White and one fans have been dying to see, we can only wonder if all the title fights the heavyweight division has held that this is the very ‘real’ heavyweight title fight we have been waiting for.

Don’t get me wrong, the UFC has always hosted many great heavyweight title fights and regular fights as well, but Miocic and Ngannou are almost merely identical and on a different level than the rest of the division so this fight could not only be an epic fight but a war in the making to finally prove to fans and the rest of the world that the heavyweight division is just as stacked as every other division. To explain more, let’s look into each of their style and techniques.

Starting with Stipe Miocic we know he comes to every fight equipped with his boxing to which he has finished 13 of his fights via knockout, so the ability for his to stand and strike against his opponents is no problem to him. Then there is his jiu-jitsu and wrestling he brings to not only out grapple and keep a great takedown defense, but at the same time remain in perfect condition with his cardio giving him the full capability to outlast any opponent he goes up against. Seems like a pretty legit champion and possibly could become the first heavyweight to defend the title three times in a row, possibly much more after.

Moving on to Francis Ngannou we all know the boxing technique of Ngannou and just how dangerous it is as he holds the record for the strongest punching power at 129,161 units, which was previously held by kickboxing champion Tyrone Spong. With that in mind, it now makes Miocic’s boxing appear like child’s play, but he only holds seven wins via knockout compared to Miocic’s 13 but he still has a long career ahead so a lot can happen. Moving on to his grappling and though he does not really have any specific grappling techniques he has shown skills of jiu-jitsu giving him four wins via submission, which has shown he is dangerous both standing and on the ground. Not to mention he holds a one hundred percent finish rate revealing he stops at nothing to finish his opponents and prove to the world he is the best around.

So now that their skills and techniques have been revealed more in-depth this fight begins to now appear just like the heavyweight fight we have all been dying to see. I mean, we know they are equipped with unmatched boxing power so they easily have power to knockout out each other along with their ability to take damage, so the whole striking part of the fight will be phenomenal as we will see just who is much deadlier when it comes to their boxing.

However, there is still the whole ground techniques and this could be what decides the true outcome of bout, for Miocic has jiu-jitsu and wrestling to use while Ngannou has jiu-jitsu and based on his past fights Miocic’s wrestling is one of his superior weapons and could be more than Ngannou can handle, since he has never grappled with a top grappler before.

But he has great takedown defense with a 73 percent takedown stoppage, which matches Miocic’s so getting him on the ground will not be so easy. Also, don’t forget the strength of Ngannou that he will surely in both his attacks and defense making it much harder for Miocic to try and grapple with him.

That being said, this fight will indeed be a true test of both these top heavyweights and when it finally goes down fans will be left on their seat left in amazement as they witness the biggest war the heavyweight division of the UFC has to offer.

So now that every little a big detail has been explained about this future showdown we can only wait to see when it goes down and since UFC 220, 221 and 222 have all been scheduled there’s a good chance we will get to see it at one of these, which would be great since it’s always a fantastic idea to begin every year with a bang.